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June 17, 2002
1. Sand Hills (Coore and Crenshaw)2. Pacific Dunes (Doak)3. Harbour Town (Alice and Pete Dye and Nicklaus)4. Muirfield Village (Nicklaus and Desmond Muirhead)5. The Golf Club (Alice and Pete Dye)6. TPC at Sawgrass...

June 17, 2002 | Sal Johnson
Chris Smith, who struck out in U.S. Open qualifying two weeks ago, is only the fourth player since 1985 to win the event before the Open but not play in the championship....

June 17, 2002 | Tom Patri
Chris Smith got his first win with an assist from the golf gods on the 11th hole and a pair of stellar fairway bunker shots down the stretch

June 17, 2002 | Gary Van Sickle
The people's choice, Fuzzy Zoeller, overcame a tough course and a long victory drought to take the Senior PGA

June 17, 2002
Every course architect is a branch on one of 35 design family trees. SI picked the best trees and the top 10 tracks from each

June 17, 2002 | John Garrity
This close to a win for the ages at the LPGA Championship, Beth Daniel was swallowed up by a tricky track and Se ri Pak

June 17, 2002 | Stephen Cannella
Interleague play has its moments—Curt Schilling outdueling Pedro Martinez at Fenway Park last Saturday, the White Sox visiting Wrigley this weekend—but it also threatens to wreak havoc on the playoff races when teams...

June 17, 2002 | Rick Reilly
An hour after taking the bludgeoning he so richly deserved, Mike Tyson sat in his dressing room bloodied, swollen and oddly happy, his tiny newborn son in his Popeye arms.

June 17, 2002 | Brian Cazeneuve
Season of Change?Summer is set to sizzle, with plenty of hot-button issues heading into the nationals

June 17, 2002 | Stephen Cannella
Monsieur SauveurThe Dodgers have found a winning edge in French Canadian closer Eric Gagne