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enemy Lines
Stephen Cannella
May 28, 2001
Two advance scouts, one from each league, reflect on what they saw and heard last week
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May 28, 2001

Enemy Lines

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Two advance scouts, one from each league, reflect on what they saw and heard last week

The Twins have really made me a believer. Everybody knows about their starting pitching, but they also have a pretty deep bullpen and they're an outstanding defensive team. Torii Hunter is off the charts in center, and Cristian Guzman is great at shortstop. In fact, on our grading scale they have an above-average defender at just about every position....

I don't know how much of an impact the addition of Vinny Castilla will make, but I'm impressed with the Astros. Craig Biggio is back to where he was before he got hurt last year, they have a damn good offensive outfield, and I really like their pitching. This team has enough to win its division....

On the other hand, the Reds are going backward. Their pitching staff has huge problems, third baseman Aaron Boone is out with a broken bone in his hand, and no one knows when Ken Griffey Jr. will be back. They're in a state of turmoil....

Baltimore's young pitching has done such a good job that the Orioles might deal some of it for the help they need at virtually every position. Righthander Sidney Ponson might be the one to move on; he can look like Don Drysdale some nights, but he has never shown that he can maintain his stuff. A change of scenery might do him good....

Sammy Sosa just doesn't have any help in the Cubs lineup. The bullpen looks strong—Tom Gordon has his big hammer curveball back, and I clocked Kyle Farnsworth's fastball at 101 mph—but I don't think that this team can score enough runs.