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May 15, 1967
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May 15, 1967


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The things people do. Take Al Carter, a dance-band drummer in Chicago. For three years he worked on plans to get the first ticket and be the first person through the gate at Montreal's Expo 67. Al puts a lot of effort into such things. He has a long record of "firsts"-at expressway openings, sports events and the Seattle and New York world's fairs.

"The big thing is to be first through the gates," he says. "I knew at Montreal I'd have stiff competition. The toughest would be two guys from New York-an uncle and his nephew. They're pretty good, and I've run into them several times. They were aiming for Expo 67, and I knew it because of what happened at the New York fair in 1964. I beat them out in their own home town by a matter of minutes. I remember how they looked at me-steely-eyed. They told me, 'We shall meet again!' "

Well, the trio did meet recently at the opening of Expo 67, but the uncle and the nephew kept their distance. As Al tells it, "The guys from New York showed up after me. They stopped a long way off when they saw me. Then they turned around and left. Other people came, but they were too late. They're always too late. When they see me, they leave. What's there to being second?"

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