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Sandy Treadwell
October 12, 1970
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October 12, 1970

The Week

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1. USC (3-0-1)
2. UCLA (3-1)
3. STANFORD (3-1)

Poor Jim Plunkett. Just as he and the Stanford Indians seemed assured of a grand season, they were stopped by impoverished Purdue. Plunkett had a most uncomfortable afternoon. Five of his passes were intercepted and he was tackled behind the line of scrimmage five times. In addition, he fumbled once and for the entire first quarter was unable to concoct a first down. The Purdue defense, which had allowed Notre Dame 48 points the week before, conceded the Indians only 14, while the Boilermaker offense scored 26. "Their defense was odd. We hadn't expected a three-man rush," said a Stanford assistant coach. Head Coach John Ralston was more inclusive: "We got whipped in every way from beginning to end. We underestimated them. We were Hat. It is my responsibility."

Saturday was more pleasant for Jimmy Jones, the USC quarterback who, it has been said, cannot throw a spiral. In a performance that he described as "my most accurate passing game," the Southern Cal junior went 15 for 21, including three touchdowns, while playing only three quarters against Oregon State. Musing on Jones after USC's 45-13 win, Trojan Coach John McKay said, "Let's see, that makes 11, 12, 13, 14, ah, 15 outstanding games he's played for us."

Arizona State, removing any doubt that it has one of the top teams, whipped Wyoming 52-3. Said Lloyd Eaton, coach of the losers: "They've got everything—a stingy defense and an explosive offense. They get the ball and do something with it."

The Aztecs of San Diego State extended their nonlosing streak to 26 games with an easy 31-11 day against Brigham Young.


1. OHIO STATE (2-0)
2. NEBRASKA (3-0-1)
3. NOTRE DAME (3-0)

"I feel almost silly saying Ohio State is a great team," said Duke Coach Tom Harp in Columbus Saturday. "But it is. They're No. 1 and they'll stay there. And as far as I'm concerned, they belong there." With that, Harp and his Blue Devils flew rather happily back to North Carolina and Atlantic Coast competition. They had by no means been disgraced. At the end of the first half Ohio State led by only 6-3 and might easily have been behind by plenty. Duke had lost a fumble within two yards of the goal line. And with just 33 seconds left in the half Duke had punted while leading 3-0. Ohio State Tackle Ralph Holloway blocked the ball and batted it to End Ken Luttner who ran 45 yards for the Buckeyes' score. Luttner, incidentally, seems to have found his niche. Last year he was a reserve fullback. Last week, his first on defense, he recovered three fumbles.

The Ohio State offense woke up in the second half, scoring the first three times it had the ball, and won handily, 34-10. Quarterback Rex Kern, the North's answer to Archie Manning, ran four times for 97 yards and a touchdown. Ohio State Tailback Leo Hayden, whose half brother, an end on the Wichita State team, was killed when his team's plane crashed on Friday, felt he should play nevertheless and contributed his best effort, 165 yards in 26 carries.

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