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January 30, 2006
Young Love
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January 30, 2006


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Young Love

Texas quarterback Vince Young's mind-blowing performance in the Rose Bowl was perhaps unsurpassed in the annals of college football (The Night Is Young's, Jan. 9). By dominating the national championship game as he did and in outplaying USC's Heisman winner, Reggie Bush, Young led the Longhorns to the title and silenced his critics forever.

Kyle Shetterly, Portland

Young was unbelievable, and to have SI's article written by someone with the first name of Austin made it all the better.

Mike Pugel, Seattle

Bowling for Dollars

Thank you, Tim Layden and SI, for exposing the NCAA Division I-A football bowl fraud (Scorecard, Jan. 9). The lame explanations from the major conference commissioners for why a I-A playoff system wouldn't work are unsupportable and motivated purely by greed. I'm glad you've publicly challenged them.

Stephen P. Falvey, New Rochelle, N.Y.

The college football playoff you call for would diminish the regular season, in which, as you say, "almost every game feels like Armageddon." If a playoff were in place, do you really think the powers that be could resist the temptation to keep expanding? After all, more teams, more games, more TV, more money.

William B. Hopkins Jr., Roanoke, Va.

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