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August 29, 2005
Getting Ready
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August 29, 2005


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Getting Ready

Many thanks for putting Ahman Green and the Green Bay Packers' training camp on the cover of SI. It was awesome to sit here in Redskins and Ravens country and read about my team.

Kristin Kappelman Arlington, Va.

I read Stronger Than Ever (Aug. 8) and observed the pictures of bigger-than-life athletes with dismay. While I will assume that the athletes featured in the article do not use steroids, I believe that these photographs encourage young football players to experiment with steroids.

Jeremy McCarroll, Sacramento

The Bravest Athletes

Bravo to Steve Rushin for his article about former collegiate golfer Dan Rooney--who thrice beat Tiger Woods in matches involving Kansas and Stanford (AIR AND SPACE, Aug. 8). Dan, who serves our country as an F-16 pilot in Iraq is typical of men and women serving in the armed forces and law enforcement. It's a nice change from hearing about athletes who make only $2 million a year and try and void a contract so they can make more. Could you imagine if we still had a draft and these athletes faced serving in the military? The Canadian Football League would be packed.

Mike Juliana Philadelphia

Mr. ED

Tom Verducci did not give Rafael Palmeiro a free pass for failing the steroids test (SCORECARD, Aug. 8). As a physician, I couldn't help but note that Palmeiro became a spokesman for Viagra while in his late 30s. Although he never admitted to erectile problems, one major side effect of steroid use is hypogonadism with testicular atrophy and increased incidence of erectile dysfunction, the problem Viagra treats.

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