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As told to Nunyo Demasio
December 11, 2006
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December 11, 2006

Steve Mcnair


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On The Price Is Right

I watch it all the time. It's been my favorite game show for a long time. Bob Barker's great--he's outlasted all the others, and he always brings energy. I like the competition of the show.

On his extensive sword collection

I started collecting about seven or eight years ago. I've got about 150 swords, from movies or from people who sold me pieces I really liked. The way I play football is the way I see guys who fight with swords. They are real people, real men, who battle the guys up front. The collection goes along with who I am, and what people consider me: a warrior.

On his most valuable sword

I got the one from Mel Gibson's movie Braveheart. It cost pretty good money; I'm not going to say how much.

On growing up on a Mount Olive, Miss., farm

We didn't have the luxuries that other kids had. We got up at four in the morning before school to do chores, whether feeding the pigs or the chickens or going out in the garden and harvesting food. Normal kids come home, do homework and go out to play. But [my four brothers and I] came in, took our [school] clothes off and went back out in the fields to finish more chores. Then we'd go in, get us something to eat, do our homework. When darkness fell, we were in bed. It was the same routine [every day].

On the injuries that have led to his having six surgeries

Dealing with my right shoulder in 2001 was the worst. I had infected my shoulder, and I had to bear the pain and fight through it. For a whole month I didn't sleep before they realized what was really going on in my shoulder.

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