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December 12, 2005
WITH Keary Colbert Panthers WR
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December 12, 2005

The Questions

WITH Keary Colbert Panthers WR

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What was your welcome-to-the-NFL moment?
At the end of training camp last season, when my teammates tied me and my fellow rookie Drew Carter to the goalpost and threw ice-cold water on us. It was the last day of camp, and Drew and I had both been like, "We made it. They haven't done anything to us yet."

Your most embarrassing moment?
Dropping any wide-open pass.

Favorite off-day activity?
Going to the movies with my wife, Sierra.

If I were commissioner for a day, I'd ...
take away the penalty for team celebrations after touchdowns. It seems silly that they want us to play together as a team but don't allow us to celebrate.

If I weren't in the NFL, I'd be....
I'd like to be in the NBA, but I don't know if I'd be able to do that. I'd probably be coaching high school or college football.


Colbert had three catches for 24 yard in a 24-6 win over the Falcons.


Carolina hosts Tampa Bay on Sunday. In the Panthers' two wins over the Bucs last year, Colbert had a total of three touchdown catches.