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World's Longest Road Trip
Rick Reilly
December 19, 2005
It's not fair to call Dave Moffitt nuts.
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December 19, 2005

World's Longest Road Trip

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It's not fair to call Dave Moffitt nuts.

Just because he's been living in a Saturn for the last six years, drifting across America to watch sporting events, doesn't mean he's batty. He's, uh, rabid.

And it's not fair to call Moffitt cheap.

Just because he eats vegetables out of the can and refuses to buy food at the arenas he visits--instead sneaking in hot dog buns and making condiment sandwiches with ketchup, mustard and relish--doesn't mean he's a tightwad. He's, uh, thrifty.

And it's not fair to say that he's lost it.

In fact, now that he's seen every NFL, AFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, NBA, WNBA, CBA and NBDL team play at its home stadium or arena (including baseball spring training sites), not to mention hundreds of horse races, NASCAR races, pro golf tournaments, high school, college and even Little League games, Moffitt thinks he's found it.

"Sometimes I'll meet couples and tell them what I'm doing," says Moffitt, 62, "and the wife will roll her eyes and the husband will call me crazy. And then later the husband will sneak back and say, 'Man, I'd really like to do that someday!'"

Buddy, you better want it.

What hairspray is to Donald Trump, games are to Moffitt. Growing up in Seattle, he was a three-sport high school jock who went on to play guard for Seattle Pacific, making it to the final eight of the 1965 small-school NCAA tournament. After that he kept reffing, coaching and playing until, in 1981, his wife said, "Dave, pick one: sports or me." To celebrate their divorce, he rode his bicycle across America.

And when Moffitt, who has four master's degrees, retired in 1999 after more than 30 years of teaching junior high P.E. and elementary school, he had to decide what to do with his life. He had enough cash to buy a house, melt into his La-Z-Boy and watch games on TV forever. But then it hit him: He was single and had a crush on sports, so why not consummate his love?

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