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August 16, 1982
BOOM BOOM AND BUSTSir: Ralph Wiley has earned my deepest gratitude for his story on Ray (Boom Boom) Mancini's successful first defense of his WBA lightweight title (A Shining Ray of Hope, Aug. 2). I appreciated not only his superb coverage of the Mancini-Ernesto Espa´┐Ża fight, but also his allusion to the positive impact young Mancini has had on his economically depressed and frustrated homeland, Ohio's Mahoning Valley.
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August 16, 1982

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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So give the all-star games and the players a chance. Maturity is gained through experience, and these players will all probably come to see the bad and good sides of college basketball and learn how to deal with both. And what if not all 25 players of the McDonald's game become stars? It may be hard to believe, but many of us enter the game because it's the best sport in the country and because it's fun to play. I may have scored only two points in the game, but I learned that I could play with the best. And I brought home some wonderful memories of the players and of the people of Chicago.
Portland, Ore.

McDonald's deserves a hand for sponsoring the All American Game and the Capital Classic and donating 40% of the profits to charity and education. However, what happens to the many great players who didn't get invited to play or who aren't going to the big colleges? I'm sure there are a lot of players of the same caliber who weren't selected. Those who participated are very carefully watched by the scouts, and this may be their big shot at stardom. What of the others?
Oakland, N.J.

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