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December 06, 1982
TRAGIC FIGHTSir:I'm an avid boxing fan, but I'm sorry that men have to earn money by stepping into the ring and risking their lives just to please thousands of people, including me. That feeling was intensified by the Ray Mancini-Duk Koo Kim fight (Then All the Joy Turned to Sorrow, Nov. 22).WILL BURKE Findlay, Ohio
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December 06, 1982

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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I was pleased to see the mention of late hits in your article It Was a Herschel Walkover (Nov. 15). I've had the opportunity to watch Georgia play in two recent nationally televised games, and no wonder Walker has taken to wearing a lower-back buckler for protection. I am not a football official and wouldn't pretend to be able to have the judgment required to call a late hit on the field of play; too many variables are involved. However, determining a late hit across the end-zone line or out of bounds is much easier for a fan. In the games I saw. Walker was subjected to multiple infractions of the latter sort, with no flags thrown.

The game of football and the skills of this young man are too valuable to allow them to be damaged by uncontrolled play. Sports are important in the fabric of our society for teaching individuals the constructive use of controlled aggression. When aggression in sports is allowed to become uncontrolled, everyone suffers.

Thanks to William Taaffe for a fine article on America's No. 1 sports talk-show host, Pete Franklin (TV/RADIO, Nov. 22). I've listened to Pete's Sportsline for about six years. I don't always agree with him—I'm a Steeler fan, and Pete is always putting the team and the city of Pittsburgh down—but I'm glad I live in America, where I'm free to cheer for any team I want and to listen to Pete five hours a night, five nights a week.
Branchland, W. Va.

William Taaffe must never have listened to Sports Huddle, a Sunday-night sports talk show on WHDH in Boston (See No Evil, Hear No Evil...Ha!, Sept. 4, 1972). Eddie Andelman, Mark Witkin and Jim McCarthy are everything Pete Franklin is, and more. Pete may hit his red disconnect button with a Boom! when a loser calls, but on Sports Huddle you'd hear tick-tick-tick, Boom! To top things off, Andelman & Co. are three times more insulting. Just ask former Red Sox Manager Don Zimmer. Pete might be great, but no one can match the Huddlers.
West Dennis, Mass.

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