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September 30, 1991
Peering Through the Rings
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September 30, 1991


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Jim Courier, the U.S.'s other singles player, beat Steeb in four sets to give the Americans a 2-0 lead. But on Saturday, David Pate and Scott Davis, a pair of Davis Cup rookies, were hopelessly outclassed in the doubles by Stich and Eric Jelen, and then in Sunday's first match, Stich served and volleyed Courier off the clay to tie the tie at two matches apiece. That set up Agassi's deciding match.

Said German captain Nikki Pilic, "I was worried that he would come in here and try to prove he was a world-class guy, that he was Andre Agassi." In other words, a guy who at the top of his game can knock the doors off any pro alive. And that's exactly what happened.

A Flea of a Flick

Clichés defeat chuckles in "Necessary Roughness"

At one point in the new movie Necessary Roughness, Texas State football coach Ed (Straight Arrow) Gennero says to his assistant just before their game against the Kansas Jay-hawks, "Call me crazy, but I think we just might have a chance tonight."

There are two things wrong with that statement. Number 1, every team has a chance against Kansas. Number 2, isn't there some sort of motion picture code that prohibits any further use of the "Call me crazy, but..." line?

That's just one of the many clichés in this "rollicking football comedy"—Paramount's words, not mine—that opens nationwide this week. To make a long movie short, Necessary Roughness is the Cinderella story of the Texas State Armadillos, a fictional college football team that has been decimated by the NCAA death penalty. Somehow the coach (played by Hector Elizondo), who has to take nitro pills for his heart of gold, and his over-the-hill quarterback (Scott Bakula), who's getting one last chance, are able to mold a ragtag bunch of misfits into an honest-to-goodness fighting unit. You guessed it: To prove themselves, the Armadillos play a big game against the bad guys from Texas. This laugh-a-quarter film is so derivative, in fact, that the plot calls for Texas State to scrimmage against a prison team (whose players are portrayed by such fine actors as Tony Dorsett, Jim Kelly and Evander Holyfield). This only reminds us that The Longest Yard was a far better movie.

SI swimsuit cover model Kathy Ireland has a featured role as the Armadillos' kicker, and she is surprisingly good. Her kicking, in fact, is more convincing than Bakula's parabolic passing. Call me crazy, but Ireland is just about the best thing in Necessary Roughness.

School Spirit

A Tennessee company sells coffins in college colors

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