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December 01, 2008
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December 01, 2008

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And the Gobbler Is ...
Who will be chosen as the 2008 Turkey of the Year? Roger Clemens was hit hard in the Mitchell Report. But the list goes on—from the Mets' bullpen to the Bengals' wide receiver Chad Ocho Cinco to Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez. Go to to see all the candidates and to nominate your own.

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OCTOBER 14, 1963

One season after running back Ronnie Bull led the Bears to an NFL title and was named Rookie of the Year, SI writer Jack Olsen wrote a feature on him.

BULL TALKS the way he plays football—animatedly, efficiently, zestfully. More than many pro athletes, he took a genuine education away from his university. In the wintertime, he works for Harvey Advertising Co. of Waco, Texas (Eye Opening Ideas That Increase Profits), and his business card, which is difficult to avoid getting, features one of those eyes that blink as you turn it. Bull is also promoting a portable foot warmer for sports events. "It didn't go too well in Texas," he says, "but up here in the North we have high hopes for it." He also lectures. Does this off-field activity interfere with his concentration on football? "No, sir," said Bull. "My wife says to me each Sunday, 'Now you be sure and look up at me at least once during the game.' I say, 'Honey, when I'm on that field I'm not thinking about you or the baby or the agency or anything else in this world.'"

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