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Dan Patrick
December 15, 2008
The Interview
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December 15, 2008

Just My Type

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The Interview

Mack Brown
The 11--1 Longhorns lost out on a spot in the Big 12 conference title game, despite having beaten Oklahoma this year, because of a tiebreaker system that relied on BCS standings.

Dan Patrick: Why isn't head-to-head the first tiebreaker?

Mack Brown: It just isn't, but I've already asked the Big 12 to look at changing it. It probably wouldn't be admitted right now, but probably they wish head-to-head would have been in there. Hopefully they'll revisit that this spring.

DP: How crazy is it that six computers play such an important role?

MB: I don't think it's best, but college football is like a reality show right now. We're changing offensive coordinators during the season, changing head coaches during the season—we're letting guys have three years. So it's a different time, whether we like it or not.

DP: If college football had an eight-team playoff, how would that affect your kids' classwork?

MB: I don't think it would affect anything, if we threw out conference championship games, which have been watered down some. I would like to see us play more conference games, throw out the conference championships, maybe play 11 games, play the bowls like they are and then get the best eight teams at the end—regardless of conference affiliation. I think if an eight-win team that wins a conference championship gets in the BCS and Texas Tech doesn't at 11--1, that's not fair either. It seems like everybody except the people in power feel very strongly about the playoff situation, but I don't see it happening right now.

DP: I talked to USC coach Pete Carroll last week about him and other top coaches, such as Bob Stoops, Nick Saban and yourself, getting together to discuss a playoff system with the leaders of the BCS. Would you be open to that?

MB: Boy, I would.

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