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The Villains
December 28, 2009
Their actions drew scorn, their names live in infamy
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December 28, 2009

The Villains

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Their actions drew scorn, their names live in infamy

Ron Artest

He's talented, but Artest is best-known for charging into the stands in Detroit in 2004 to fight a fan. The Malice at the Palace was the decade's ugliest fan-athlete confrontation.

Barry Bonds

The self-absorbed Bonds was no fan favorite when the decade dawned. Later, allegations of steroid use sealed his status as a star no one outside of San Francisco could love.

Todd Bertuzzi

In 2004 the Canucks winger sucker-punched Colorado's Steve Moore, sending him face-first onto the ice. Moore suffered a career-ending neck injury. Bertuzzi became the face of hockey's dirtiest impulses.

Tim Donaghy

The crooked NBA ref—he bet on games and fed information to gamblers—didn't just disgrace himself, he raised questions about the integrity of the game. Fans will never again see a questionable whistle the same way.

Terrell Owens

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