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Alex Belth
April 11, 2011
Reviewing the new-look NCAA tourney
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April 11, 2011

From Bad To Verse

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Reviewing the new-look NCAA tourney

The 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament is now history—and with it the first foray into four-network coverage. All those ways to watch may have produced a gargantuan audience for March Madness, but more isn't always better. With that in mind, here are seven haiku reviews of the hits and, more often, misses of this year's coverage:

Charles Barkley

A raging bull goes Quietly into the night We say, Good day, Sir

Reggie Miller

Scream, shriek, wail, howl, moan Gators, 'Dogs; what could have been Poor, poor Gus Johnson

Steve Kerr & Marv Albert

Mutt/Jeff; gin/tonic Of twosomes, where doth thou stand? On top, we deem. Yessss!

Craig Sager

Purples, plaids, paisleys Color man? Ah, that kind. Whoops What would Wooden say?

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