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The Strike Zone
June 13, 2011
Tracking the week's news both inside and outside the confines of cool
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June 13, 2011

The Strike Zone

Tracking the week's news both inside and outside the confines of cool

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The abundance of news stories about Mark Cuban's uncharacteristic silence (he hasn't blogged since April 12!) during the NBA Finals.

Tim Tebow's new autobio, Through My Eyes, gets blurbed by Chuck Norris and imagines God as a headset-wearing coach in the clouds.

The Double A Huntsville Stars hosted Pleasures Ladies Night (sponsored by a sex toy store) and the North-Central Alabama Girl Scouts sleepover at the same game last week.

Anyone else notice that the Blake-Griffin-smashing-through-cardboard-defenders ad for the video game Rage borrows a little too generously from a '90s Chris Farley--ESPN spot?

Chris Johnson's rap debut, Act on Deck, which samples, of all things, a phone's busy signal.

Man U fans attacked parked cars belonging to paparazzi who were following midfielder Ryan Giggs because of his alleged infidelity.

Shane Battier tweeted last week that he was trying to round up '90s band Color Me Badd to perform at a party.

If you give your pitchers Gatorade baths to celebrate not breaking the MLB mark for consecutive winless might be a Blue Jay.

Miami, home of 2 Live Crew and the U, and "the city that keeps the roof blazing." Or Miami, the city where Michael McDonald sings the national anthem at the NBA Finals. Pick one, Miami.

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