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October 03, 2011
Who is the most underrated player in football?
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October 03, 2011

Nfl Players Poll

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Who is the most underrated player in football?

Josh Freeman, Buccaneers QB 3%

Andre Johnson, Texans WR 3%

Danny Woodhead, Patriots RB 3%

Ray Rice, Ravens RB 2%


Clearly, if a lot of people say you're underrated, you're not underrated: 142 players received at least one vote, but only 18 got more than three... . While Freeman and Woodhead are just making their marks, Johnson is a five-time Pro Bowl pick... . Chargers QB Philip Rivers got six votes but was named five times in a similar poll on overrated players. Top pick in that one? Cowboys QB Tony Romo (7%).

Based on 269 NFL players who responded to SI's survey