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January 09, 2012
• Great coaches are like great musical conductors: They have to set the tempo, unify their performers and bring the best out of each section of the orchestra for a brilliant performance. Pat Summitt and Mike Krzyzewski continue to do all of this on the court, year after year, with every member of their ensemble.
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January 09, 2012


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Bill Henry, Greer, S.C.

One Wild Night

Lee Jenkins is dead-on in his story about baseball's magical night of Sept. 28, 2011 (Best. Night. Ever., Dec. 12). Regardless of which team you were rooting for, the night was simply electric, and Jenkins was able to capture all the games' subplots and key moments, allowing the reader to relive every at bat.

Ross Moskowitz, New York City

Heisman Bias

One look at the actual Heisman Trophy should be enough for anyone to understand why a lineman would hardly ever be considered for the award (POINT AFTER, Dec. 12). The trophy is modeled after running back Ed Smith, who played for New York University in 1934. Linebackers, cornerbacks and safeties don't get their hands on the ball often enough to strike the pose. Until the trophy is changed to something more generic, it will most certainly be awarded to an offensive player.

Jim Coyle, Moberly, Mo.




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