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April 02, 2012
What are NFL coaches and players teaching our youth when they abandon their morals in a quest for wins—or worse, for bounties? Playing with the intent of causing injury to opponents is a vote of no confidence in your own team. As fans we buy tickets and tune into games because we want to see the best compete against the best. Cheap hits and bounty systems rob us of that opportunity and diminish the game.
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April 02, 2012

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Tragic Consequences

Your article on Rhiannon Hull certainly highlighted the amazing strength of an individual who was pushed to her limits to save her son (Distance Runner Rhiannon Hull ...). But to me this tragedy was a result of a terrible decision. Hull's choice to venture out into the dangerous surf with her son was a huge risk, and it unfortunately cost her her life. I can't help but wonder what Hull was thinking when she made that decision.

Ron Laxer, Toronto




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