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August 20, 2012
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August 20, 2012

Just My Type

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TP: [Laughs.] I am a bit of a method actor. I try to get into the role of being myself.

DP: Do you have the mind-set when you tackle that you want to take someone down and it's going to hurt?

TP: I wouldn't say the hurt part. I'm obligated to say that with the state of football nowadays. [Laughs.] The goal is definitely to bring someone down.

DP: Have you ever tried to purposely knock someone out?

TP: No, definitely not. I've been knocked out way too many times to want to have anybody else feel that way.

DP: How many concussions do you think you've had?

TP: I believe eight or nine recorded concussions. We'll have another conversation after I'm done playing.

DP: How many unrecorded?

TP: When people say they feel a little buzzed or dazed, it's considered a concussion....

DP: Do you consider that a concussion?

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