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Abbott and Costello Meet The Nats
August 27, 2012
A couple of Nationals fans, Bud and Lou, are discussing the NL East--leading team and its 24-year-old ace, Stephen Strasburg.
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August 27, 2012

Abbott And Costello Meet The Nats

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BUD: No, his elbow is fine.

LOU: His elbow is fine, but they're still not going to let him pitch in the playoffs?

BUD: That's right.

LOU: Let's try this again. Why?

BUD: Strasburg had Tommy John surgery on his right elbow, and the Nats' G.M., Mike Rizzo, has him on an innings limit so as not to put too much strain on it. They're planning to shut him down once he reaches 160 to 180 innings. He's pitched 139 1/3 so far, which means he probably has only a few more starts left.

LOU: The surgery was recent?

BUD: No, it was two years ago.

LOU: But he's had problems with the elbow since?

BUD: Nope, he's been throwing bullets. He's 14--5, 2.91 ERA, second in the league in strikeouts. Absolutely blowing hitters away.

LOU: Then what's the problem?

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