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Abbott and Costello Meet The Nats
August 27, 2012
A couple of Nationals fans, Bud and Lou, are discussing the NL East--leading team and its 24-year-old ace, Stephen Strasburg.
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August 27, 2012

Abbott And Costello Meet The Nats

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BUD: The problem is that someday there could be a problem. The Nats' research says that pitchers who have too heavy a workload after TJ surgery tend to reinjure their arms down the line.

LOU: Let me get this straight. The Nationals are afraid of losing Strasburg to a career-ending injury in the future?

BUD: Right.

LOU: So, they're going to pretend that Strasburg has a career-ending injury right here in the present?

BUD: Now, you're getting it.

LOU: I don't know what I'm getting! (Begins to massage his temples in frustration) Maybe I just don't know enough about baseball, because smart people must support this idea, right?

BUD: Oh, no. Lots of baseball people think it's nutty. Scott Boras, Strasburg's agent, is on board, but Strasburg doesn't like it. His teammates don't like it. One of them, Mark DeRosa, said he would "shed a tear" the day Strasburg throws his last pitch. Leo Mazzone, the highly respected former Braves pitching coach, called the plan "pathetic." Another guy told ESPN Radio, "He's not going to get hurt. If he hasn't been hurt this year, he's not going to get hurt."

LOU: Who said that, some know-nothing fan?

BUD: No. Tommy John.

LOU: Tommy John, as in the first Tommy John surgery patient Tommy John?

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