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Abbott and Costello Meet The Nats
August 27, 2012
A couple of Nationals fans, Bud and Lou, are discussing the NL East--leading team and its 24-year-old ace, Stephen Strasburg.
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August 27, 2012

Abbott And Costello Meet The Nats

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BUD: That's the one.

LOU: So, Tommy John, who knows firsthand about recovering from Tommy John surgery, thinks it's safe for Strasburg to keep pitching after Tommy John surgery?

BUD: Yeah, but what does he know?

LOU: (His voice rising) Look, if the Nats knew they were only going to let Strasburg pitch a limited number of innings, why didn't they have him skip a start here and there earlier in the season? Or why not shut him down for a month now so he could be available through the postseason?

BUD: They feel it's important to keep him on a consistent routine, not give him extra rest between starts.

LOU: All year long the Nationals have wanted him to pitch and not rest too much. But when they reach the most important part of the season, they'll want him to rest and not pitch at all?

BUD: Perfectly stated. Congratulations!

LOU: Yes! I mean, no, that's not what.... Look, the goal of every team is to win what?

BUD: The World Series.

LOU: And by shutting Strasburg down as a precaution, the Nats are reducing their chances of winning what?

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