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January 21, 2013
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January 21, 2013

Just My Type

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The often-fined former Pro Bowl safety and two-time Super Bowl champ delivers his share of shots as a broadcaster for NBC

DAN PATRICK: You were with the Patriots under Bill Belichick for six years. Are you guys taught to be boring?

RODNEY HARRISON: [Laughs.] You take the tone of your head coach. [Reporters] don't get to see the other side of Bill that we see. He's a really fun coach to play for. He's not going to give the media anything. He's trying to dictate how you guys perceive [things].

DP: As a player, how do you know Belichick is really that smart?

RH: Everything he tells you, you do it and it works. Just like we saw this weekend: situational football. If you're Denver's Rahim Moore, how do you let [Jacoby Jones] get behind you in that situation?

DP: How did the Broncos allow that late touchdown against the Ravens?

RH: [Moore] wanted to be the guy who made an interception and won the game. Everyone wants to be the hero.

DP: Does New England's Wes Welker get his due?

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