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The 8 Debate
Mark Bechtel
February 04, 2013
Greatest Super Bowl Commercials
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February 04, 2013

The 8 Debate

Greatest Super Bowl Commercials

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There have been hundreds of Super Bowl ads, but only a few have staying power. While it passed for clever in 2000, greeting someone today with a Wasssssuuuppp? is grounds for justifiable homicide in many states. With that in mind, here are the spots that still stand the test of time.

1 Terry Tate, Office Linebacker Reebok, 2003

Sure, it's over the top in its violence, but try not to laugh. Sent by Reebok to increase productivity at the fictitious Felcher & Sons, Tate (played by former USFL linebacker Lester Speight) lights up—and then trash-talks—office slackers. "You know you need a cover sheet on your TPS reports, Richard!" Tate bellows. "That ain't new, baby!"

2 The Force Volkswagen, 2011

Who needs words when you've got a kid in a Darth Vader suit starting a car using the Force (with some help from Dad's remote)?

3 The Showdown McDonald's, 1993

In which Larry Bird and Michael Jordan trade shots for a Big Mac: First one to miss watches the winner eat. The attempts get increasingly ridiculous—through a window, off the expressway—but no one fails. (Except for whoever chose Jordan's neon-striped outfit.)

4 Mean Joe Greene Coca-Cola, 1980

The ad got its biggest audience at Super Bowl XIV, in which Greene's Steelers beat the Rams. Greene delivers one of commercialdom's most memorable lines as he tosses his jersey to a fan who gave him a Coke: "Hey, kid, catch."

5 When I Grow Up, 1999

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