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Just My Type
February 04, 2013
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February 04, 2013

Just My Type

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LM: I like the spot I'm in.

DP: Why college over the pros?

LM: As a college coach you have a calling, in that you're bringing a young guy in [and] preparing him for his career, whether it be the NFL or business. In recruiting, you have an opportunity to get more than one first-round draft pick. We're having a great year—we think there might be a number of first-round draft picks in [our] class.

DP: Did you consider taking the job at Arkansas?

LM: I had a great relationship with [AD Jeff Long]. He and I worked together at Michigan. I didn't travel to see him. [I'm] very happy at LSU.

DP: Why would you talk to him if you were happy at LSU?

LM: Because you have a longtime relationship with a man you respect professionally. He calls to describe what he's looking for, which could be another head-coaching candidate. You want to help.

DP: But I'd be angry as an LSU fan.

LM: The opportunity to talk about other coaches with a colleague ... I can't imagine LSU would be unhappy with that.

DP: Do you get along with Steve Spurrier?

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