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February 04, 2013
Terry Francona may very well be correct in his comments about the Red Sox ownership and how badly it ended for him, but I want to know why he suddenly lost touch with his players. Why didn't he talk about the reasons he let the team get so far out of control and why he was unable to get them back on track and back to caring about winning?
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February 04, 2013

The Mail

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Mike Lague, Montreal

Facing Tough Questions

I appreciated Phil Taylor's honest and rational commentary on Royce White (POINT AFTER). The question of how the Rockets should deal with White's anxiety is a sensitive subject; however, sometimes the hard questions must be asked. While I empathize with White, I can't help but think that maybe he should try something that does not require frequent travel and that will keep his anxiety at a minimum.

David Jackson, Millbrae, Calif.

The Start of Something Big

After reading your story on Colin Kaepernick (O.K., Now We Get It), I can't help but think of Tom Brady and how he took over for the highly touted Drew Bledsoe as the Patriots' starting quarterback in 2001. Jim Harbaugh's decision in choosing Kaepernick over Alex Smith may create a legacy for himself and Kaepernick, the same way it did for Bill Belichick and Brady in New England.

Matt Chippin Fredericton, New Brunswick




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