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December 19, 2005 | Volume 103, Issue 24

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Shaun Alexander Cover - Sports Illustrated December 19, 2005

December 19, 2005

December 19, 2005 | Steve Rushin
It was Michigan State football coach Duffy Daugherty who some believe first said, "A tie is like kissing your sister," to which George Brett added the corollary, "And losing is like kissing your...

December 19, 2005 | Alexander Wolff
Thinking small on purpose, SI's man in Vermont wants to bring a fledgling pro hoops team to his state

December 19, 2005 | Alexander Wolff
The reconstituted ABA promises regional rivalries and fan-friendliness

December 19, 2005 | Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella
Died At age 75, defensive coaching expert Bud Carson (above at Super Bowl X; inset in 1989) of emphysema. A master strategist renowned for his unpredictable schemes and midgame adjustments, Carson...

December 19, 2005 | Brian Cazeneuve
The injured Michelle Kwan needs a speedy recovery if she wants to go to the Olympics

December 19, 2005 | Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella
39 Combined age of Blazers starting guards Martell Webster (19) and Sebastian Telfair (20).

December 19, 2005 | Tom Verducci
Boston didn't need a G.M. to overhaul its roster

December 19, 2005 | Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella

December 19, 2005 | Adam Duerson
DESPITE TELLING teammate Matt Leinart that he was in "game mode" before last Saturday's Heisman Trophy announcement began, eventual winner Reggie Bush, the star running back from USC, couldn't...

December 19, 2005 | Adam Duerson
So that's why they call it handball. Irina Pusic of the Netherlands probably isn't a palm reader, but she had no trouble getting the message from Croatia's Maja Cop on this play. The two countries...

December 19, 2005 | Adam Duerson
An Illinois state representative is planning to introduce legislation declaring the 1985 Bears the greatest football team ever.

December 19, 2005 | Adam Duerson

December 19, 2005 | Peter King
Peter King offers his 10 Things I Think I Think

December 19, 2005 | Chris Mannix
What to watch and watch for

December 19, 2005 | Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella
Kelly-Anne Billingy TRINCITY, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO > Volleyball Billingy, a sophomore outside hitter at Marshall, was named Conference USA player of the year after leading the Thundering Herd to a...

December 19, 2005 | David Sabino
THESE PLAYERS didn't get moved in hot stove deals, but recent trades will significantly affect their playing time--and fantasy value.

December 19, 2005
The Year in Review

December 19, 2005 | Ben Reiter
A powerful tale of tracking down the terrorists who bloodied the 1972 Olympics, Steven Spielberg's Munich caps a year in which Hollywood often cast a backward glance at sports

December 19, 2005 | Chris Ballard
No football commentator--not even that guy with the video game--packs more wisdom into his words than hardworking CBS color man Phil Simms

December 19, 2005 | Charles Hirshberg
The year's best books took us deep into the psyches of competitors like Lance, Yao, Belichick--and race car driver Janet Guthrie, who wrote her own profile in courage

December 19, 2005
By loading up on sports, satellite radio has expanded the orbits of fans who love to listen

December 19, 2005
In the age of the acerbic Deadspin, sports sites go beyond scores and stats

December 19, 2005 | NUNYO DEMASIO
He scores, he smiles, he leads the league in rushing--and now that Seattle has become the cream of the crop in the NFC, Shaun Alexander is getting some long-deserved recognition

December 19, 2005 | NUNYO DEMASIO
More NFL coverage, including Michael Silver's Open Mike, at

December 19, 2005 | Michael Silver
We'll learn more when they take on the Colts in a monster Christmas Eve matchup, but some who've lost to Seattle this year would love another crack at a team they view as beatable

December 19, 2005 | GRANT WAHL
From out of Spokane, Gonzaga forward Adam Morrison is emerging as the best--and the brashest--player in the country. And his legend is growing

December 19, 2005 | IAN THOMSEN
Two years after a kidney transplant, Alonzo Mourning is again an elite center, but he aspires to the level of another medical marvel whose achievements transcend sports

December 19, 2005 | IAN THOMSEN
Ian Thomsen details the bad blood between Mourning and his ex-team at

December 19, 2005 | IAN THOMSEN
Alonzo Mourning isn't staging the Heat's only dramatic comeback: Two years after stepping down as coach, Pat Riley is back on the bench demanding more--a lot more--from his underachieving team

December 19, 2005 | AUSTIN MURPHY
The Texas and USC offenses are scoring machines, but the winner of the national championship game may turn out to be the team that makes the most plays on the other side of the ball

December 19, 2005 | AUSTIN MURPHY
Look for Murphy's Law from Austin Murphy every Tuesday at

December 19, 2005 | PHIL TAYLOR
USC has won 34 straight, Texas 19 in a row. The two teams have been ranked first and second, respectively, since the first preseason polls came out. When the Trojans and the Longhorns meet in the...

December 19, 2005
The NFL •Hapless Houston is looking like a winner in the Reggie Bush draft •On repaired knees, Kyle Vanden Bosch rises •Dr. Z: Indy charges on

December 19, 2005 | Peter King
Bush Leaguers Three straight last-minute losses have the 1--12 Texans on the winning track in the Reggie Bush sweepstakes

December 19, 2005 | Paul Zimmerman
Fire the cannons, release the pigeons. Tony Dungy announced that his undefeated Colts will be going for the win each and every week leading up to the playoffs.

December 19, 2005 | Michael Farber
Gold Miners In its quest to repeat as Olympic champ, Team Canada has a dilemma: whom to select from its deep pool of young talent

December 19, 2005 | Pierre McGuire
Veteran Rod Brind'Amour (right) is adjusting well to the faster NHL. Carolina's 35-year-old captain is playing the most minutes on the team and is third in scoring (24 points).... In only his...

December 19, 2005 | Kelli Anderson
Hoosier Daddy Marco Killingsworth's stellar game helped Indiana rout Kentucky and embattled coach Mike Davis quiet his critics--for now

December 19, 2005 | Rick Reilly
It's not fair to call Dave Moffitt nuts.

December 19, 2005
Grand Prize

December 19, 2005

December 19, 2005 | Lars Anderson
A Michigan-bred duo helped Grand Valley State nip Northwest Missouri State in the D-II final

December 19, 2005 | Rick Lipsey
Cornell goaltender David McKee hopes to become the first NHL player who was born and bred in Texas

December 19, 2005 | Franz Lidz
With creative methods, the Yormark brothers have revived two of pro sports' most neglected franchises

December 19, 2005 | Franz Lidz
Here's a sample workday (from Monday, Dec. 5) for the New Jersey Nets' Brett Yormark.