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December 15, 2006

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Tiger Woods Cover - Sports Illustrated December 15, 2006

December 15, 2006 | Terry McDonell
A new way to stand out from the crowd

December 15, 2006 | Steve Rushin
THE BEST portrait ever to appear on a baseball card is of Oscar Gamble, the twin mushroom clouds of his Afro billowing from either side of his Indians cap, so that the outfielder—seen in...

December 15, 2006 | CHARLES LEERHSEN
For many athletes, their one-week reign as a FACE IN THE CROWD has become a permanent part of their identity

December 15, 2006
It all started with Betsy Cullen, a girl of 15 who appeared on page 8 of the debut issue of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED (Aug. 16, 1954). She strides out of a section called PAT ON THE BACK, described as "a...

December 15, 2006 | Gene Menez
For some, FACES IN THE CROWD is a crowning achievement, but for these athletes, it was simply a stop along the way to greater things

December 15, 2006
A breakdown of the demographics shows that playing purely for the love of the game—the essential quality of a FACE—is a passion that knows no boundaries

December 15, 2006
FOR HIS critically acclaimed book In Character: Actors Acting, Howard Schatz photographed Don Cheadle, Richard Dreyfuss, Edie Falco and 97 others reacting facially to a spectrum of scenarios such...

December 15, 2006
15,672 Total FACES through Dec. 15, 2006

December 15, 2006
1,980 • Track and Field

December 15, 2006
For 50 years SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has celebrated the amateur athletes who practice and play for the love of their games. Here now, for the 2,632nd consecutive week, are the latest FACES—numbers...

December 15, 2006 | LISA ALTOBELLI
Six decades, six stories: checking in with some of the athletes that SI has singled out in FACES for their skill, endurance and grace

December 15, 2006 | David Epstein
While most FACES don't go on to become pro athletes, many still stand out in the crowd. Seven success stories

December 15, 2006 | Rick Reilly
FACES IN THE CROWD is a lie. Those faces are not in the crowd. Those faces are on the fields, on the courts and on the ice. When will the faces that really are in the crowd get some pub? Faces...