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August 22, 1955 | Volume 3, Issue 8

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Don Newcombe Cover - Sports Illustrated August 22, 1955

August 22, 1955
Where white sands meet blue water in summer's withering heat the color camera finds its subject: vacationers on the beach

August 22, 1955
CHINS UP!While the nation debated the fitness of U.S. youth, these youngsters were among 56 giving their excruciating best to the chin-up bar during the junior decathlon at Eastchester, N.Y.

August 22, 1955 | Harry Phillips
Before Time Inc.'s Washington Bureau chief, James R. Shepley, returned from Europe where he was an observer at the Meeting at the Summit, he visited some of his many close friends in the armed...

August 22, 1955 | Roy Terrell

August 22, 1955 | Robert Creamer

August 22, 1955 | Jane Perry

August 22, 1955
Once each year the best shots in the British Empire assemble at the English town of Bisley to compete for the Queen's Prize, most coveted rifle championship in the world. A 41-year-old engineer,...

August 22, 1955 | Elmo C. Wilson

August 22, 1955

August 22, 1955 | Compiled by ED ZERN
SO—season opened (or opens); SC—season closed (or closes).C—clear water; D—water dirty or roily; M—water muddy.N—water at normal height; SH—slightly high; H—high; VH—very high; L—low; R—rising;...

August 22, 1955 | Herman Hickman
When the diminutive and port-footed Tad Weed kicked his third field goal of the evening at 8:33 of the fourth quarter, the outcome of the game for all intent and purposes was settled. The kick...

August 22, 1955 | Whitney Tower
At Saratoga, which happily stands out in this dizzy age of commercialized sport as one of the few surviving localities where tradition retains the significance it deserves, they haven't been...

August 22, 1955 | William F. Talbert
America's tennis incubator is a quiet, sylvan plot of good Michigan earth which 51 weeks a year serves as the campus of Kalamazoo College. The 52nd week it is devoted to hatching the court greats...

August 22, 1955 | Budd Schulberg
We've been getting a good deal of mail lately that winds up "Yours in the APPPFF" or gets under way with "As a charter member of the APPPFF..." The APPPFF, you may remember, was a non-organized...

August 22, 1955 | Ezra Bowen
To run the course laid out on the map below, zig-zagging through the rocky, tide-ripped islands between Bellingham, Wash, and Vancouver Island, 141 power cruisers nosed out recently into mist and...

August 22, 1955 | Noble Chalfaunt
Too many golfers hurt their score by trying to get out of tough situations with the type of shot they should attempt only from a fairway lie. `For instance, say a golfer drives into the heavy...

August 22, 1955 | Horace Sutton

August 22, 1955 | Horace Sutton
Craft of all shapes and sizes can be chartered for Aegean cruises. Among the most luxurious are the five below, which hire out through agencies in New York and Athens at rates up to $4,500 per month.

August 22, 1955 | Jimmy Jemail
THEODORE R. McKELDINGovernor of Maryland"Because of my love of sports in general. SI gives excellent coverage, and it views all sports. I'm a charter subscriber and feel like one of the family. I...

August 22, 1955
The saga of the incomparable 18th century English race horse named Eclipse, who never was beaten or even extended, and sired sons as famous as himself

August 22, 1955

August 22, 1955
10, 11—drawings by Ajay17—Wilbert H. Blanche18, 19—top, London Daily Express, A.P., Richard Garrett-Columbus Citizen; bottom, Marion Johnson-Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Los Angeles Examiner...

August 22, 1955
Sirs:In one of your first issues you carried a story on Stan Sayres and Seattle's great Gold Cup competition (SI, Aug. 23, '54). Now, almost exactly a year later, you have a preview and coverage...

August 22, 1955
A year ago this month, Dan Strohmeier's 39-foot Concordia Yawl Malay lay heeled over in a swamp (left) at Nonquitt, Mass., her mast broken, rigging awry, engine ruined and portside stove in. Malay...

August 22, 1955

August 22, 1955
Ted Williams tapped a blooper into the Yankees' left center with the shift on and thereby became the 96th ballplayer to hit safely 2,000 times in the major leagues. Williams' reaction: "The...