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November 07, 1955 | Volume 3, Issue 19

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Bob Pellegrini Cover - Sports Illustrated November 07, 1955

November 07, 1955

November 07, 1955
The week's football made it look like Michigan and UCLA in the Rose Bowl, Maryland and Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl. And with All-America End Don Holleder proving he really is a quarterback, as Red...

November 07, 1955
Still a man's game, football has been infiltrated in recent years by pretty girls whose charms brighten half-time shows

November 07, 1955 | Martin Kane
When men granted suffrage to women it was a time when all football cheerleaders were men. They wore sweaters and white flannels, carried megaphones and used fine stentorian voices to exhort the...

November 07, 1955
College football enters its final month, with Oklahoma, Maryland and Michigan still supreme, but coast to coast the Saturday surprises continue to roll in

November 07, 1955 | Alfred Wright
At South Bend Notre Dame gave Navy a pasting, indicating that eastern football—where Navy is tops—looks better in the East

November 07, 1955 | JIM ATWATER
Unbeaten Michigan moved closer to the Rose Bowl with one of the season's greatest comeback victories against upset-minded Iowa

November 07, 1955 | James Murray
While Southern Cal was losing in the midwest cold, Ronnie Knox guided UCLA to a one-sided victory in the California sunshine

November 07, 1955 | Frank McCulloch
While the unbeatable Sooners continue their march to the Orange Bowl, the Southwest Conference returns to a state of normalcy—utter confusion

November 07, 1955 | Lee Griggs
The Rambling Wrecks smothered highly-rated Duke and—with West Virginia and Maryland—formed a southern triumvirate capable of tackling anyone

November 07, 1955 | Herman Hickman
After the test of a half-season's play, SI's football expert selects a baker's dozen of the heroes who help produce the headlines

November 07, 1955

November 07, 1955 | J. P. Marquand

November 07, 1955
Clam hunters at Pismo Beach, California swarm onto the wet, gleaming sands at every daytime low tide

November 07, 1955 | Noble Chalfant
Nowadays too many golfers take much too long studying their putts. This meticulousness, far from making them better putters as many of them misguidedly think it does, really works against them....

November 07, 1955 | Holland McCombs
Almost extinct 15 years ago, the versatile quarter horse will draw big money at the King Ranch sales this week

November 07, 1955

November 07, 1955

November 07, 1955 | Herman Hickman
•Illinois vs. Michigan: The Illini have come a long way since last season buy the Wolverines don't know when they are beaten and won't be this week...MICHIGAN.

November 07, 1955 | John Gillooly

November 07, 1955
8—from Rapho-Guillumette12, 13—drawings by Ajay15—Fred Lyon from Rapho-Guillumette22—Minneapolis Tribune23—Ray Graham-Los Angeles Times24—Gene Prescott-Arkansas Gazette, A. B. Crank-Kansas City...

November 07, 1955 | George Laycock
That is what Pelee Island in Lake Erie offers to a select group of hunters in a phenomenal two-day hunt staged every year

November 07, 1955 | Compiled by ED ZERN
C—clear water; SH—slightly high; FG—fishing good; FF—fishing fair; FP—fishing poor; OG—outlook good; OF—outlook fair; OVG—outlook very good.

November 07, 1955 | Jimmy Jemail
CLARENCE E. ELDRIDGE, Camden, N.J.Executive vice president Campbell Soup. Co."Because small communities develop a greater loyalty per capita. When I was at Michigan, we had 5,400 in the university...

November 07, 1955 | Jimmy Jemail
How do you feel about the use of motorized carts on golf courses?

November 07, 1955 | Nathaniel Benchley
Nobody was more enthusiastic about exercise (for others) than the late Robert Benchley, who gloried in Harvard football from his couch

November 07, 1955

November 07, 1955
Sirs:I've just finished reading this article on Woody Hayes (, Oct. 24), and I am absolutely disgusted. I just don't see how you could print such utter trash about one of the greatest coaches....

November 07, 1955
CRAIG WOODGolfer Craig Wood, who won both the Masters and the Open in 1941, received one of the nicest surprises of his life last month when he was presented with a gold life-membership card at...

November 07, 1955 | Harry Phillips
In four color pages next week SPORTS ILLUSTRATED will publish the last pictures ever taken by Ylla, the internationally famous photographer of animals. Ylla's accidental death in India last March...