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January 05, 1959 | Volume 10, Issue 1

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Rafer Johnson Cover - Sports Illustrated January 05, 1959

January 05, 1959 | Leon Jaroff
It was only last month that Moose Krause, athletic director of Notre Dame University, assured a gathering of Chicago sportswriters that "Terry Brennan was a better coach this season than he was...

January 05, 1959

January 05, 1959
Jim Tatum, University of North Carolina football coach, speaking in praise of second guessers: "When I come home at night after losing a game and go to bed and lie there wondering why I didn't...

January 05, 1959
For the revelation of pure excellence in mind and body

January 05, 1959 | Coles Phinizy

January 05, 1959 | Coles Phinizy
In Moscow last July 28, as Rafer Johnson stood in the winner's spot, still steeped in the sweat of his record-breaking decathlon duel against Vasiliy Kuznetsov of Russia, the crowd of 30,000 in...

January 05, 1959 | Robert Creamer
The year's top sportsman had good company—notably the nonpareil

January 05, 1959 | Carleton Mitchell
The most complete victory belonged to a quiet man with a pencil

January 05, 1959 | Martin Kane
The glory of Sugar Ray Robinson will be told succinctly in The 1959 Ring Record Book, which will list his five winnings of the middleweight championship and note that he is the only man ever to...

January 05, 1959 | Alice Higgins
Some half a dozen horsemen had spectacular successes this past year, among them Americans Hugh Wiley, who won the King George V trophy, and Billy Steinkraus, winner of the silver cup of the city...

January 05, 1959 | William F. Talbert
In pro tennis' traveling version of a tribal election—the old chief brought on to do combat with each new candidate—Pancho Gonzales again earned the right to wear the feathers. In 1958 he did it...

January 05, 1959 | Coles Phinizy
At the Olympics in Melbourne two years ago, 14-year-old John Konrads of New South Wales served as training pacemaker for Australia's great distance swimmer, Lorraine Crapp. A year later Konrads...

January 05, 1959 | Gwilym Brown
For records set, drama produced and concepts rearranged, no other athlete in 1958 matched the young, audacious Australian, Herb Elliott. In January, when he was still a month short of his 20th...

January 05, 1959 | Jeremiah Tax
All the chips are down in a world championship game; it is a time for greatness. Bob Pettit chose such a contest, against Boston in April, to demonstrate his, convincingly. He scored an amazing 50...

January 05, 1959 | Tex Maule
The most expensive football player in the world is a tall, skinny young man named Johnny Unitas, who wasn't worth the price of a steak dinner three years ago. That was when the Pittsburgh...

January 05, 1959 | Roy Terrell
There are those who will tell you that Pete Dawkins of Army was not the best all-round college football player of 1958—and perhaps they are right. But for sheer excitement, for the remarkable...

January 05, 1959 | Herbert Warren Wind
Although several professionals compiled outstanding records in 1958—Tommy Bolt (who won the Open), Arnold Palmer (who won the Masters) and Dow Finsterwald (who won the PGA) had excellent over-all...

January 05, 1959 | Whitney Tower
In horse racing, where thousands of individuals contribute from behind the scenes to the well-being of the sport, special honors usually are won by an individual out in front whose record of...

January 05, 1959 | Ezra Bowen
Three years ago at Cortina, almost unnoticed in the blizzard of adulation that swirled around Toni Sailer, a 21-year-old Canadian girl named Lucile Wheeler finished third in the women's downhill....

January 05, 1959 | Kenneth Rudeen
Saying that Maurice (The Rocket) Richard was the outstanding ice hockey player of 1958 is like saying water was wet last year. In the Stanley Cup playoffs, while still recovering from a grave...

January 05, 1959
The premier heroes of 1958 on the preceding pages accomplished extraordinary feats but they achieved their greatness in every case by winning over tough competitors. Else their triumphs would have...

January 05, 1959 | Jeremiah Tax
Little St. Mary's has hopes of being best in the West, and they are mostly centered on a young man who arrived via Manchuria and a Japanese prison camp

January 05, 1959 | Willy Schaeffler
Ever since Willy Schaeffler introduced the shortswing technique to America's recreational skiers in these pages a year ago, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has been bombarded with questions not only about the...

January 05, 1959 | Mary Frost Mabon
There is probably no human activity calculated to add more zest to the appetite than the business of navigating through snow on skis. No wonder, then, the increasing emphasis given to good eating...

January 05, 1959 | Harry Phillips
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED publishes no more important story than the announcement of the Sportsman of the Year. Although in itself not a news story, it does, I think it's fair to say, make news. In the...

January 05, 1959 | Martin Kane
Some soothsayings on the Supreme Court's IBC decision, two Patterson fights and Sugar Ray's portrayal of Hamlet

January 05, 1959 | Kenneth Rudeen
The debut of Ford's potent luxury car in NASCAR competition next month has racing's hot-stove league abuzz

January 05, 1959 | Horace Sutton

January 05, 1959 | Fred R. Smith
The Continental suit is a new—and controversial—item at your clothier's

January 05, 1959 | Charles Goren
This is the second of a series introducing the players who will participate in the World Bridge Championship in February.

January 05, 1959 | Maribel Vinson

January 05, 1959 | Les Woodcock

January 05, 1959
All times E.S.T.

January 05, 1959 | Peggy Kirk Bell
I have played golf with big six-by-four football players and other tremendously strong athletes who were terribly chagrined because they couldn't hit the ball as far as a woman. They were trying...

January 05, 1959
HORSES: EDUCATION IN EQUITATIONSirs:The excellent article on Billy Steinkraus, Thinker on Horseback (SI, Dec. 15), brought to mind what a fine job you have been doing in making the general public...

January 05, 1959
'Now run, you dumb things'

January 05, 1959
BASEBALL—BILLY KLAUS, Red Sox, traded to Orioles for JIM BUSBY.

January 05, 1959
6—Mike Gerson7—F.J. Higgins, A.P., Max P. Haas, U.P.I. (2)12—A.P.13—Frank Scherschel-LIFE, South Bend Tribune, Mike Shea-TIME, A.P.16-18—drawings by Ajay19—Richard Meek24, 25—Howard...

January 05, 1959
Albert W. Twitchell, lacrosse coach at Rutgers University, was given Morris Touchstone Memorial trophy for outstanding contributions to game and for best team development of year.

January 05, 1959 | Tex Maule