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August 31, 1959 | Volume 11, Issue 9

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Parry O'Brien Cover - Sports Illustrated August 31, 1959

August 31, 1959 | Gilbert Rogin
His FBI Number is 4817958, and he is the only man tied to the noisome Patterson-Johansson fight promotion who has yet to tell the D.A. and the grand jury his story

August 31, 1959 | Roy Terrell
Blowing an opportunity to gain in the pennant race, Milwaukee lost three games to the Giants and Dodgers in four hectic days

August 31, 1959 | Mary Snow
Pretty girls, handsome boys and a cheerful dispute about shorts liven a big sports gala

August 31, 1959
As the starting gate folds its wings and A speeds off, harness racing's premier event of the year, the Hambletonian, gets under way. Appropriately, the setting for this classic of a sport wholly...

August 31, 1959

August 31, 1959
John Cudmore, assistant football coach at Southern Methodist University, on SMU Quarterback Don Meredith: "If anything happens to Meredith, we'll have to change our offense. We'll resort to the...

August 31, 1959
Nobody asked Bernie Baruch's advice about anything on his 89th birthday last week. But the kind of yearning for what the psychiatrists call a "father figure" which has long sent reporters...

August 31, 1959
•The best tennis player on the American squad in this week's Davis Cup Challenge Round is a Peruvian named Alex Olmedo. A personality report by James Murray.

August 31, 1959

August 31, 1959 | George De Carvalho

August 31, 1959 | George De Carvalho
Da Silva Hops, after a 114-foot run-up to the take-off point, off his right foot (white shoe). He lands on the same foot, about 20 feet out, immediately takes a long STEP to the opposite foot,...

August 31, 1959 | Arthur Murphy
For citizens of this country the best-known setting at the American National Exhibition in Moscow is probably the kitchen where Khrushchev and Nixon held one of their livelier debates. But for...

August 31, 1959 | Martin Kane
Little Davey once more proves himself a sharpshooter in defeating Hogan (Kid) Bassey

August 31, 1959 | Evan Jones
This wonderful Italian dish migrated from Naples to become a current American rage

August 31, 1959 | Charles Goren
Traditionally, the bridge table is an expanse of something less than one square yard with a surface that is reasonably flat and not too slippery. Sit down to play, however, and you soon discover...

August 31, 1959 | Roy Terrell
Mercury with muscles, Cincinnati's center fielder has been burning up the league with his speed and blazing bat

August 31, 1959
The charm of the boy next door—the lanky frame, the casual stance and the disarming grin—makes 23-year-old Don Drysdale a crowd favorite at the Los Angeles Coliseum. But don't let his good looks...

August 31, 1959
ARCHERY—WILRERT VETROKSKY, Cleveland, men's title with 3,473 pts.; CAROLE MEINHART, Pittsburgh, retained women's title with 3,732 pts., Natl. Archery Assn. championships, Lancaster, Pa.

August 31, 1959
FOOTBALL—Quarterback-rich New York Giants used four signal-callers in replay of last winter's title playoff game with Baltimore at Dallas, but Colts needed just one—a fellow by the name of Johnny...

August 31, 1959
Cover—Ernst Haas-Magnum4—Eleanor Montville5—Bill Mark6—Beckner, Naltchayan, Don Johnson-Portland Press Herald, A.P., New York Times, A P.8—Herb Scharfman, A.P.12, 13—U.P.I., N.Y. Daily News, A.P....

August 31, 1959 | William Leggett
One of trotting's best buys, Diller Hanover, is ready for the important Hambletonian

August 31, 1959 | Bert Nicolls
There is a lot of room at the top—for error. The soundest way to avoid it is to groove an action where at the top of the backswing the heel of the left hand points directly away from the target...

August 31, 1959 | William F. Talbert
Count on two points for America in the singles, thanks to Alex Olmedo. Concede the doubles to the Australians. Then hope that an aroused Barry MacKay can snare one singles match

August 31, 1959 | Whitney Tower
The ancient, honored skills off race-riding have become in recent years almost obsolete

August 31, 1959 | Gerald Holland

August 31, 1959
Lowell North, 30-year-old San Diegosail-maker, expertly skippered his sleek North Star III to two firsts in five-race series off Newport Beach, Calif. to regain world Star Class championship he...

August 31, 1959
BOXING: NOTICE TO THE WORLDSirs:I wish to congratulate you upon the excellent coverage that you have always given to boxing, but more particularly in your recent issues. You refer to the recent...

August 31, 1959
'We represent everybody'

August 31, 1959 | Les Woodcock

August 31, 1959
All times are E.D.T.

August 31, 1959 | Sparse Grey Hackle
Artificial lures are easy to make, but once the bug hits you, you are real gone