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November 09, 1959 | Volume 11, Issue 19

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Bobby Lackey Cover - Sports Illustrated November 09, 1959

November 09, 1959 | Mervin Hyman

November 09, 1959 | Mervin Hyman
Penn State vs. SyracuseBowl bids and unbeaten records will be at stake in the East's big game. Richie Lucas has carried Penn State this far, but the powerful Syracuse line and hard-running...

November 09, 1959
All times are E.S.T.

November 09, 1959 | Whitney Tower
As if to silence any last doubters, the Horse of the Year won the race of the year by a smashing seven lengths over Round Table

November 09, 1959 | Whitney Tower
Bounding ahead on a drizzly, dark day at Aqueduct race track, Brookmeade Stable's Sword Dancer, under Jockey Eddie Arcaro, begins to pull away down the stretch on his way to a decisive...

November 09, 1959 | William Leggett
This has been a long year for horse racing, almost a dreadfully long year. In 10 months 43 races with purses of $100,000 or more have skipped past, settling little except for a few debts here and...

November 09, 1959 | Frank McCulloch
Armistice day, now known as Veterans Day, marks the end of the shooting in World War I. But next week when it rolls around again it will signal the resumption of hostilities in one of the best...

November 09, 1959
They pretend to be indifferent toward football at Harvard but, as the following pictures show, they always have a big time at the Yale game

November 09, 1959

November 09, 1959
Some weeks ago on these pages we reported a discussion that took place in the Harvard Law School (SI, Oct. 26). The discussion, held under the supervision of Professor Lon Fuller, concerned itself...

November 09, 1959
Improving the breed at Nakayama, a racecourse outside Tokyo, is as sedulous a pursuit as it is at Aqueduct, but an accidental Occidental plunger might well be disoriented by the Oriental...

November 09, 1959
California sunlight met its match and more in the gleaming bright-work of a gaggle of the nation's most bedazzling autos at Pebble Beach, Calif. the other day. They were gathered together for the...

November 09, 1959 | Richard Alden Knight
Pheasants are back in Nebraska, 9 million strong, thanks to land management

November 09, 1959 | Arthur Murphy
According to Beaumont Newhall, director of the George Eastman House of Photography, "You can't go anywhere on a vacation these days without a camera. You're not considered well-dressed unless you...

November 09, 1959 | Kenneth Rudeen
A blazing, 89-yard punt return by Billy Cannon, the pride of Baton Rouge, beat Mississippi and kept LSU undefeated

November 09, 1959 | Roy Terrell
Alert as its namesake, a fine young Air Force football team gained a tie and a moral victory in its first game with Army

November 09, 1959
It was clear the Ivy League game of the year would be on November 7 between unbeaten, untied and unscored upon Yale and plain old unbeaten Penn. All Yale had to do first was beat Dartmouth. Penn...

November 09, 1959 | Tex Maule
San Francisco's pros, playing near-perfect defensive football, shut out the explosive Rams in early October. Here is how they may do it again when the teams meet Sunday in the Los Angeles Coliseum

November 09, 1959 | Horace Sutton

November 09, 1959 | Charles Goren
This week's episode in "The Perils of the Bridge Table" might properly be termed a canard. Probably more people would recognize this word canard as meaning a hoax than know that its specific...

November 09, 1959 | Norton Wood
This Milwaukee sportsman has a very special way to prepare ruffed grouse

November 09, 1959 | Bill Wotherspoon
It is commonly known that strong, flexible hands and wrists often prove to be the difference between an average and a good player. Some specialized exercising can be done to tone up these golfing...

November 09, 1959 | Stephen Birmingham

November 09, 1959
BOATING—Australians, habitual collectors of sporting trophies from other countries, will try for sailing's most prized hunk of silver. Sir Frank Packer, two-fisted managing director of Australia's...

November 09, 1959
BASEBALL—NANKAI HAWKS 4 games to 0 over Tokyo Giants for Japanese World Series, Tokyo. TADASHI SUGIURA, Hawks' right-hander who pitches underhand, tossed 31 innings, won all four games.

November 09, 1959
4—Ben Someroff8—Donald W. Kramer-Daily Princetonian, John G. Hemmer, A.P., Morris Rosenfeld, Washington Post, U.P.I.10—left, A.P.19—John G. Zimmerman26—Earl Seubert27—James F. Coyne28, 31—drawings...

November 09, 1959
Prince Saud Faisal, 19, son of Saudi Arabia's prime minister and nephew of King Saud, became a top soccer prospect at Princeton by knocking in seven of 13 goals made by the freshman squad this season.

November 09, 1959
SOCCER: GLOBAL OUTLOOKSirs:I am disappointed because you fail to recognize soccer as the world's most popular sport. How about some information on the status of college and professional soccer in...

November 09, 1959
'Relax and concentrate'

November 09, 1959 | Jimmy Jemail
WILLIE SHOEMAKERJockeyArcadia, Calif.From the record, I would have to pick Man o' War. Most of the oldtimers I've talked with agree Red was in a class by himself in those bygone days. But of the...

November 09, 1959

November 09, 1959 | Henry Beetle Hough