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October 02, 1961 | Volume 15, Issue 14

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Roger Maris Cover - Sports Illustrated October 02, 1961

October 02, 1961

October 02, 1961
•New York Titans Coach Sammy Baugh, scolding a back who sprinted ahead of his interference during practice: "Just play like you do in a game, son. Loaf a little."

October 02, 1961 | Roy Terrell
Big and polished, the fierce footballers of Ole Miss won their first game handily from Arkansas, convincing some they may become the U.S.'s best

October 02, 1961 | Roger Kahn

October 02, 1961 | Ray Cave
Cincinnati's bumptious ball team didn't have much talent, but in some exciting, eerie way it bewitched its foes and hopes to hex New York

October 02, 1961 | Walter Bingham

October 02, 1961
Carleton Mitchell and his yawl Finisterre, the most successful combination in the whole history of ocean racing, rediscover the simple delights of a lazy cruise along Chesapeake Bay.

October 02, 1961 | Kenneth Rudeen
Star for a decade on New York's night raceways, Stanley Dancer ventured into the Ohio sunshine with a courageous Adios colt and won pacing's top event

October 02, 1961 | John Lovesey
Battling the tides with the stubborn persistence of a buoy, a chunky Argentine becomes the first ever to swim from England to France and back again

October 02, 1961
The shadows on a trail leading into grouse cover, the changing light of afternoon on a field of dry grass, the bright surface of a pond under storm clouds provide a backdrop of beauty for the...

October 02, 1961 | Rex Lardner

October 02, 1961 | Whitney Tower
The rich, rolling land around Ocala has suddenly become a major area for the breeding of some high-class Thoroughbreds

October 02, 1961 | Arlie W. Schardt
New formations, an invocation and a new coach got three teams past critical opening-day games

October 02, 1961 | Mervin Hyman

October 02, 1961 | Mervin Hyman
Baylor over Pitt. The Pitt defenders, even as stout as they are, will have trouble containing All-America Ronnie Bull and the other swift Bear backs.

October 02, 1961 | Tex Maule
The Cowboys, with a full year of experience, showed the Vikings what a pro team needs

October 02, 1961 | Ikuma Dan
Ikuma Dan, author of this appealing tale of an unusual adventure with a wild kite of Japan, is one of his country's foremost composers, creator of the background music for the well-known films...

October 02, 1961 | Charles Goren
In the prespace era, Albert Einstein found few people who were capable of understanding the fourth dimension—time. People could see length and breadth; they could see and feel thickness. But who...

October 02, 1961 | Jonathan Rhoades

October 02, 1961 | Herman Weiskopf
Assembling a pennant winner is comparable to putting together a jigsaw puzzle. It takes both know-how and luck to make the right trades, to fit players into a smooth unit. This art of trading has...

October 02, 1961
BASEBALL—The BUFFALO BISONS quickly ran through the Rochester Red Wings, four games to one, in the International League's (best of seven) playoffs, winning the final game at Rochester 4-0, when...

October 02, 1961
25—Art Rickerby-Pix26, 27—Robert D. Huntzinger30, 33—Robert D. Huntzinger34, 35—P. A. Reuter42, 43—Art Shay58—Hy Peskin60—Paul V. Thomas-Seattle Times, A.P.86—A.P.88—Lee Balterman, U.P.I., Central...

October 02, 1961
Julio Muller, riding No. 2 for Milwaukee Polo Club, stroked seven goals to pace all scorers as Milwaukee won the National Open polo title at Hinsdale, Ill. Milwaukee led all the way in beating the...

October 02, 1961
UNDERSTANDINGSirs:The Last Race of Count Crash (Sept. 18) is a great article. From the shock of the lead sentence to the closing, almost pathetic quote from Phil Hill, this is real understanding...

October 02, 1961
Mad dog on the track

October 02, 1961 | Herman Weiskopf
A special World Series quiz to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of fans and armchair experts

October 02, 1961 | William O'Hallaren