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October 15, 1962 | Volume 17, Issue 16

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Sonny Gibbs Cover - Sports Illustrated October 15, 1962

October 15, 1962 | Roy Terrell

October 15, 1962 | Whitney Tower
Jack Price was a smash hit in Paris. So was Carry Back until Europe's richest race was actually run. He finished 10th, but Jack still thinks he's the best and has issued a challenge

October 15, 1962 | Kenneth Rudeen
Front runners Graham Hill and Jimmy Clark, battling for the world driving championship, met at Watkins Glen last week, and the results pleased the automakers

October 15, 1962
Sports soothsayer Richard E. Snyder, our No. I sporting goods economist, has surprising predictions on which sports will go up and which down in popularity and esteem.

October 15, 1962 | Jack Olsen

October 15, 1962
The menacing cluster of chrome-plated nozzles above is neither the business end of a fancy 40-millimeter battery nor a new silver-toned steam calliope. It is the exhaust system of a jazzy new kind...

October 15, 1962 | Charles Goren
If you like eight hours sleep at night, I have a word of advice for you. When a bridge tournament moves into a hotel where you are stopping, move out. Modern tournaments being as large as they...

October 15, 1962 | Jack Nicklaus
When you miss the green with an approach shot you will often find the ball nestled in high, swirling rough. This presents a complex problem. The club must be swung hard enough to cut through a lot...

October 15, 1962 | Tex Maule

October 15, 1962 | Fred R. Smith
Ever since Edward VII gave the rough country cloth a royal boost by having it made into shooting costumes, tweed has been the fabric men prefer to wear at fall sporting events. Until the middle...

October 15, 1962 | John Underwood

October 15, 1962 | John Underwood
There are, of course, other outstanding college quarterbacks. Some of them are fortunate enough to play with strong teams, while others, like Sonny Gibbs, must labor with losers. Here are four of...

October 15, 1962 | Mervin Hyman

October 15, 1962 | Mervin Hyman
Penn State over Army. State is just too big and strong for the hustling Cadets.

October 15, 1962 | Barbara Heilman

October 15, 1962
Cover—Steve Schapiro-Black Star26, 29—Wil Blanche30, 31—Bonnot-Winkler50, 51—Jack Fields52, 53—Phil Bath (2), lower left, Jack Fields61—Walter looss Jr.62—A.P.63—U.P.I.67—Steve Schapiro-Black...

October 15, 1962
Richard Hartnett, 13, an eighth-grader in Ipswich, Mass. who was a pony walker for his ciders during polo games, saved his earnings and bought an aging pony. Then, picked for the veteran-filled...

October 15, 1962
BASEBALL—NATIONAL LEAGUE PLAYOFF between San Francisco and Los Angeles turned into a poor man's copy of the 1951 playoff, when Bobby Thomson's homer capped a four-run ninth-inning rally by the...

October 15, 1962

October 15, 1962
•Frank Howard, Clemson football coach: "Georgia Tech is the kind of football team that won't hit you hard enough to keep you from going to a dance after the game, but they'll beat you. North...

October 15, 1962
BROWN'S TENSirs:As an ardent Southwest Conference supporter, I was all set to dismiss Gwilyim Brown (Another Big Year in the Big Ten, Oct. 1) as just another Midwest sportswriter trying to prove...

October 15, 1962 | Mary Ann Gould
A college football quiz to tease the memory and increase the knowledge of casual fans and armchair experts

October 15, 1962 | John M. Ross
A postseason baseball trip by a dream team of All-Star major leaguers ended in a nightmare