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June 07, 1965 | Volume 22, Issue 23

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Muhammad Ali Cover - Sports Illustrated June 07, 1965

June 07, 1965

June 07, 1965
•Bob Devaney, football coach, asked why he does not demand a lifetime contract from Nebraska: "I had a friend with a lifetime contract. After two bad years the university president called him into...

June 07, 1965 | Bob Ottum
Jimmy Clark won the fastest, biggest and richest Indy in an English Lotus powered by an American Ford engine and serviced by a stock-car pit crew, leaving the Speedway's old guard in disarray

June 07, 1965 | Tex Maule

June 07, 1965 | William Leggett
Now the slambang White Sox are the ball club to beat, as the sick and slumping Yankees found when they visited Chicago. The Sox have their eyes on the pennant, and it's only about 70 wins away

June 07, 1965
Toughest tournament in golf is the U.S. Open. Jack Nicklaus assesses the course, color photographs catch the mood and Al Wright introduces the man who runs it.

June 07, 1965 | Bill Veeck

June 07, 1965 | Bill Veeck
Bill Veeck, the master showman, examines the art of promotion and reveals some delightful and hilarious gimmicks he will unleash on the world—if and when he returns to baseball.

June 07, 1965 | Sidney L. James
The heavily muscled young man moved quickly about the Lewiston ring while photographers snapped his picture over and over and a horde of kids waited impatiently outside the ropes. Finally the...

June 07, 1965 | Jim Murray
Among the few observers who had a clear view of the fight as well as its implications was Jim Murray, one of America's most trenchant—and acerbic—sportswriters. Murray, formerly with SPORTS...

June 07, 1965 | Jim Murray
In a high school ice-hockey arena in Lewiston, Me. Sonny Liston became the loneliest man in the world. Once considered invincible, the challenger for the heavyweight title sprawls stunned on the...

June 07, 1965
Edward Charles (Whitey) Ford (below), an elderly ex-pitching coach, stopped off at New York's Roosevelt Raceway the other day to spend a few idle hours training harness horses for Owner Billy...

June 07, 1965 | Charles Goren

June 07, 1965 | Jack Nicklaus
When a golfer starts hitting the ground behind the ball instead of the ball itself he is doing what is called "hitting fat." It is an infuriating habit to fall into, easy on the ball but awfully...

June 07, 1965 | John O'Reilly
A big impoundment in the north and a projected road in the south could choke Florida's Everglades

June 07, 1965 | Gilbert Rogin

June 07, 1965 | Mark Mulvoy
NATIONAL LEAGUEDouble trouble confronted LOS ANGELES (4-3) Pitcher Don Drysdale. Three of Don's brood mares were about to foal, and he was scheduled to start against St. Louis, which had won seven...

June 07, 1965
BOWLING—BILLY WELU of St. Louis became the second ABC Masters champion to successfully defend his title when he advanced through the losers' bracket and gained 778-735 and 832-782 victories over...

June 07, 1965
4—Howard Bingham24, 25—Fred Kaplan26, 27—Herb Scharfman48—Merit Productions, Inc.—E.J. Spiro, Producer49—Neil Leifer50—Bob Gomel-LIFE51—James Drake52—Neil Leifer54—Robert Talbert II, London Daily...

June 07, 1965
Raymond Bostock, 23, who makes his living carrying coal in Wakefield, carried a 112-pound sack of it three-fifths of a mile in a record time of 6 minutes 6 seconds in the world championship race...

June 07, 1965
SNAKE OILSirs:Tex Maule—bless his empty head—has done it again (Cassius to Win a Thriller, May 24). Tyro Tex, certainly the worst prognosticator in the history of sport, picks Clay to beat Liston...

June 07, 1965 | Ronald Shafer
Johnny Keane, Al Lopez and the other major league managers needn't come whining to me about their problems. Does Keane have to stop a game and run out to tie his shortstop's shoelaces? Has Lopez...