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August 02, 1965 | Volume 23, Issue 5

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated August 02, 1965

August 02, 1965 | Joe Jares

August 02, 1965 | John Underwood
The once invincible Peter Snell, unable to recapture his Olympic skills, retires on a downbeat, but he goes home to New Zealand comforted and inspired by the plaudits he received even in defeat

August 02, 1965 | Whitney Tower
Nearly everyone came out to cheer for Kelso (No. 1, above) including the president of his own fan club, but a colt just starting to show his class, Pia Star, ran away with the Brooklyn Handicap

August 02, 1965 | Jack Mann
When baseball's owners met to consider a new commissioner, they mulled over dynamic names like McNamara and Kennedy, but what they really want is an amiable, sympathetic fellow like old Ford Frick

August 02, 1965
In the years since World War II a powerful lot of people have become obsessed with powerboating, and today the sound of their motors is heard on every ocean and lake and puddle. According to...

August 02, 1965 | Hugh Whall

August 02, 1965
Motorists are lucky: the rules that govern them are, for the most part, clearly stated in signs along the roadside: NO RIGHT TURN, LEFT TURN FROM CENTER LANE ONLY. STOP! Although signs are few and...

August 02, 1965
Latin baseball players, to the delight of their countrymen, are swarming over the majors. Robert H. Boyle reports on their individuality and absolute passion for beisbol.

August 02, 1965

August 02, 1965 | Arnold Palmer

August 02, 1965 | Arnold Palmer
Palmer explains the straight-up shot, gets you out of divot marks, off rocks and even out of trouble on the green.

August 02, 1965 | Garry Valk
Among the million or more boat owners mentioned in the introduction to our special powerboating package this week (page 21) there are a fair number from the editorial staff of this magazine. But...

August 02, 1965
Unlike last year's injury, which occurred in a New York taxi accident, Comedienne Carol Burnett's latest fractured fibula was suffered in a most improbable locale. Carol cracked her right leg in...

August 02, 1965 | Gerald Holland
Theirs is a world of watches and tapes, and they willingly admit that when one of them runs in the shade what's under the tree is a nut

August 02, 1965 | Paul Stewart
"The shape of the jackets worn here by steeplechase jockeys on the United Hunts race circuit is causing the biggest haberdashery flap since the Ivy Leaguers' shapeless three-button sack coat...

August 02, 1965 | Jack Olsen

August 02, 1965 | Mark Mulvoy
NATIONAL LEAGUESecond Baseman Pete Rose helped prevent a CINCINNATI (4-4) collapse with his aggressive play. The Reds, who pulled to within one game of Los Angeles, had lost three straight before...

August 02, 1965
BOATING—Demonstrating his skill in fluky winds, OLE BERNTSEN, a Dane, won the seventh and last race of the World Dragon Class Sailing Championships in Sandhamn, Sweden to tie his countryman Aage...

August 02, 1965
Yvette Vaucher of Geneva, Switzerland, along with her husband and a local guide, celebrated the centennial of the first successful Matterhorn climb by becoming the first woman ever to climb the...

August 02, 1965
4—Joseph Consentino10-13—Herb Scharfman15—Phil Bath16, 17—Jerry Cooke18—Los Angeles Times, Morton Tadder, Ray McBride-Milwaukee Journal, AP19—Art Shay, Ben Martin-TIME23, 24—Jay Maisel30-34—Lynn...

August 02, 1965
COMMEDIA DELL' HUARTESirs:Your cover story (Quest for Stars, July 19) on the man who owns the Jets and "Injun Joe" Namath was most enlightening. Werblin's background is amazing. Now I understand...

August 02, 1965

August 02, 1965
•Don Klosterman, talent scout for the Kansas City Chiefs, on living in Kansas City: "It's a little like living in purgatory. It's not exactly heaven, but it isn't hell."

August 02, 1965 | Robert Cantwell
Under outdoor assets enter fishing," says Alfred Bertram Guthrie Jr. in The Blue Hen's Chick (McGraw-Hill, $5.95), sounding a theme that is repeated frequently these days in the recollections of...

August 02, 1965 | Liz Smith
"There was Joe Goldstein, the public-relations counselor for Roosevelt Raceway, sitting around the office brooding about how he could improve the image of the seventh edition of the $100,000...