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November 28, 1966 | Volume 25, Issue 22

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated November 28, 1966

November 28, 1966
BASEBALL—The LOS ANGELES DODGERS finished their Japanese tour with a 9-8-1 record, the worst performance ever by an American major league team overseas. The only big Dodger winner was Owner Walter...

November 28, 1966
Steve Northup, 17, of Pensacola, Fla., set a world endurance record for barefoot water skiing of 67:15.2 on Bayou Texar in Florida. A conventional skier for nine years, but a barefoot boy for just...

November 28, 1966
23—Neil Leifer24, 25—James Drake26—Neil Leifer, James Drake32-34—Don Uhrbrock39—Tony Triolo58, 61—Eric Schweikardt68—illustration from "The Papers of Woodrow Wilson, Vol. I, 1856-1880"; Pictorial...

November 28, 1966
GRAND SLAMSirs:Jack Olsen's story about our big bridge tournament was simply superb (The Dogmeat Was Hard to Swallow, Nov. 14). This is the unanimous opinion of the 32 players assembled here in...

November 28, 1966
THE SHADOW (CONT.)Accounts of betting coups in AFL games, which have been reported here for the past two weeks, are now making headlines. These accounts, and their implications, are particularly...

November 28, 1966
•Muhammad Ali, about the World Boxing Association's recognition of Ernie Terrell as heavyweight champion: "I'd like them to check this organization known as the IRS because they recognized me as...

November 28, 1966 | Dan Jenkins

November 28, 1966 | Bob Ottum

November 28, 1966
College Basketball's Special Issue has the first close-up portrait of Lew Alcindor, all the UCLA sophomores in color, scouting reports and a study of the big-man problem.

November 28, 1966 | Alfred Wright

November 28, 1966 | Bil Gilbert

November 28, 1966 | Garry Valk
When Soviet tanks crushed a spontaneous popular revolution in Hungary the repercussions were felt all around this planet. The shock was poignant in Melbourne, Australia, where the finest amateur...

November 28, 1966 | James Van Alen
Having invented VASSS, the scoring system that takes the love out of tennis, the author now turns to greener pastures by advancing outrageous proposals that take the hate out of golf

November 28, 1966 | Tom C. Brody
The Cowboy Joes of Wyoming sang louder than ever as they gunned down Brigham Young and the Marine Corps with a hail of points

November 28, 1966 | Mervin Hyman

November 28, 1966 | Mervin Hyman
THE BACK: Quarterback Bob Griese did just about everything in Purdue's 51-6 pounding of Indiana. He completed 11 passes for 255 yards and three touchdowns scored twice on runs, kicked a field goal...

November 28, 1966
Baltimore Mayor Theodore McKeldin, looking for some way to show the city's appreciation of Oriole Star Frank Robinson, suggested to the Baltimore Park Board that it name a park for the ballplayer....

November 28, 1966 | Gary Ronberg
A Red Wing who achieved fame last year by being a nuisance in the playoffs is as pesky as ever

November 28, 1966 | Edwin Shrake
You will find them in Kansas City, where the Chiefs are the AFL's best bet for the supergame with the NFL. The legs belong to Mike Garrett and Bert Coan, who function as one back, and the wolves...

November 28, 1966 | Charles Goren
This and some other provoking questions were heard last week at the International Team Trials

November 28, 1966 | Kim Chapin

November 28, 1966
Lawrence S. Ritter, a professor of economics, has collected in The Glory of Their limes (Macmillan, $7.95) the accounts of 22 eminent ballplayers discussing their careers. The result is...

November 28, 1966 | William McK. Chapman
There have been some memorable Thanksgivings in my life. There was one in Capri, where I had a villa high on the side of Monte Solaro. It was one of those days that go quickly. We sat there full...