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May 01, 1967 | Volume 26, Issue 18

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Jim Hall Cover - Sports Illustrated May 01, 1967

May 01, 1967 | Whitney Tower
Alone in the murky dawn, California's powerful Ruken, the first Kentucky Derby contender on the scene, works out at Churchill Downs while his chief rivals prep in New York, San Francisco and at...

May 01, 1967 | Tex Maule

May 01, 1967 | Joe Jares
His Minnesota Twins, bolstered by the addition of pitching star Dean Chance, were supposed to give Manager Sam Mele a shot at the pennant, but the Twins have been playing the way the Mets used to

May 01, 1967 | William Leggett
A major factor in baseball this season is the impact of the vast number of trades made during the off season (Minnesota, for example, got Dean Chance for two of its prize sluggers, Don Mincher and...

May 01, 1967
"Watch The White Sox" is now the word in the American League. William Leggett says the reason is the superb play of two young outfielders: Tommie Agee and Ken Berry.

May 01, 1967 | Coles Phinizy

May 01, 1967 | Garry Valk
Joe Jares, our latest baseball-wars correspondent, enjoys the distinction of having broken into print in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED at a younger age than any other staffer. "I was first published in the...

May 01, 1967 | Carter Barber
Many yachtsmen hauled their small boats out of the water and towed them home. One thought it might be fun to make the trip back all alone. It wasn't

May 01, 1967 | Whitney Tower

May 01, 1967
Psychologist Joyce Brothers has analyzed the baseball fan. She says that a man "unable to prove his masculinity by besting another male in a fencing match or bringing fresh bear meat back to the...

May 01, 1967 | Dick Miles
When a suspicious Mao Tse-tung had his top-ranking players put under arrest, it opened the door for the Japanese to win the world championship

May 01, 1967 | Alice Higgins
At most horse shows the junior classes are events that only a parent could love. Long lines of children ride often-reluctant horses over jumps with assorted degrees of skill. They are not...

May 01, 1967 | Tom C. Brody
New Zealand's Dave McKenzie broke up a tight duel in Newton's heights to foil a Japanese ploy that had led to two straight Boston sweeps

May 01, 1967 | Jack Nicklaus
Every golf shot combines two basic elements. One is judging distance and the effect of wind or terrain on the ball. The other is the execution of the swing. In putting, the mental calculations are...

May 01, 1967 | Stephen R. McCarthy

May 01, 1967 | Herman Weiskopf

May 01, 1967 | Herman Weiskopf
Reliever Jack Aker of the Athletics, who is one-eighth Potawatomi, is supplying a new twist to the old cowboys-and-Indians plot. Take last week. Jim (Catfish) Hunter of the Athletics was pitching...

May 01, 1967
BASKETBALL—NBA: After leading 2-0 in the championship finals, PHILADELPHIA lost two of the next three games to San Francisco, and the series stood at three games to two, favor of the 76ers, at...

May 01, 1967
4—Sheedy & Long16, 17—Tony Triolo18—Jerry Cooke19—J. C. (Skeets) Meadors, Sheedy & Long24, 25—AP (2), Herb Scharfman30—Don Uhrbrock52-55—Francisco Vera56—UPI, Roy De Carava62—Walter Iooss...

May 01, 1967
Yuji Moriya, a junior at San Jose (Calif.) State, led his team to its sixth consecutive title at the National Collegiate Judo Championships, in San Jose, defeating 205-pound Divisional Winner...

May 01, 1967
ISSUESirs:Without a doubt your issue of April 17 was the greatest in a long line of superb efforts. The color photos and coverage of the Masters, the NBA Eastern Division playoffs and the...

May 01, 1967

May 01, 1967
•Joe DiMaggio, asked why he was at Golden Gate racetrack the day the San Francisco Giants opened at home: "Oh, I just don't give a rap for baseball anymore. It's just too dull."

The motto of Valextra runs: Sono la più bella e la più cara, which means, "I am the most beautiful and the most expensive." Valextra, a small family-owned company that manufactures and sells fine...

May 01, 1967 | J. Norman McKenzie
It's a great thing to be in on the making of a champ. I know, because my buddy, Tom Farley, and I had the experience a long time ago when we were both about 15. It was during the Depression, and...