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May 22, 1967 | Volume 26, Issue 21

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Tommie Smith Cover - Sports Illustrated May 22, 1967

May 22, 1967
RACING'S WAYThe death of Lorenzo Bandini (page 32) was an extremely painful reminder of auto racing's hazards and also testimony to the intense affection that people have for its heroes. Last...

May 22, 1967
•Rick Reichardt, Angel outfielder, asked what he wanted to be after his playing days: "Baseball commissioner."

May 22, 1967 | Bob Ottum

May 22, 1967 | Pete Axthelm
Billy Haughton's speedy colt is not really a rogue, he just likes to do a lot of little things wrong. But he picked the richest harness race to do everything exactly right, and beat the best in...

May 22, 1967 | Gary Ronberg
Coach Bobby Scott knew his Hopkins Blue Jays were usually slicker than Navy but would never win because they were too small. So he did what any smart recruiter would do, and now look who's the best

May 22, 1967
The Preakness can be Proud Clarion's second leg on the Triple Crown, vindication for Derby loser Damascus or a comeback triumph for In Reality. Whitney Tower reports.

May 22, 1967 | Bob Ottum

May 22, 1967 | Frank Deford

May 22, 1967 | Garry Valk
The duties of a SPORTS ILLUSTRATED writer are often challenging, but there are times when back-to-back deadline assignments call for performance above and beyond. Last week one of those occasions...

May 22, 1967 | Buzzie Bavasi

May 22, 1967 | Buzzie Bavasi
Bavasi tells of his adventures with Maury Wills and Leo Durocher, two of the most volatile personalities he has dealt with.

May 22, 1967
It probably was not the un-kindest cut of all, maybe only the fifth or sixth unkindest cut, but former Indonesian President Sukarno has been stripped of his title, Great Fisherman. He has also...

May 22, 1967 | Harold Peterson
Northeastern boldly challenged, but Harvard maintained a tradition

May 22, 1967 | Whitney Tower
It's a cinch that Proud Clarion will not be 30 to 1 in Saturday's Preakness. One look at the field indicates there is nary a sleeper

May 22, 1967 | William Leggett
They were disheartened, confused, badly beaten last season. But with a new manager, some surprising new pitching stars and a "25-man team" attitude, the Reds are turning their speed and muscle...

May 22, 1967 | Lee Griggs
The talk was of deposing Avery Brundage when the IOC met, but at the end it was the controversial American who reigned over royalty

May 22, 1967 | Jeannette Bruce

May 22, 1967 | Herman Weiskopf

May 22, 1967 | Herman Weiskopf
That's a tightly pitched ball game up there on the scoreboard (right), but it's just routine this season, and especially in the American League. The credit for it—or the blame—must go to the...

May 22, 1967
BOATING—ODELL LEWIS of Fond du Lac, Wis. raced his 32-foot Maritime Mona Lou III to victory in the first annual Bahamas 500 with a time of 12:36:20 (page 20).

May 22, 1967
Dennis Gideon, 19, a left-handed pitcher for Chaffey (Calif.) College, who has been sidelined for most of the 1967 season with a broken thumb, struck out 22 baiters in pitching a 6-0 no-hitter...

May 22, 1967
4—Eric Schweikardt20—map by William Bernstein21—Lynn Pelham-Rapho Guillumette22, 23—Eric Schweikardt, Lynn Pelham24—Eric Schweikardt26, 27—Roosevelt Raceway28—Stuart Smith30, 31—Tony Triolo32,...

May 22, 1967
A NATURALSirs:Thank you for indicating the winner of the Kentucky Derby; too bad we were not smart enough to bet it. No. 7 won the Derby and you showed on your May 8 cover two baseball players,...

May 22, 1967 | Liz Smith
Even before it opened, it was apparent that Canada's rousing 100th birthday party, the fabulous Expo 67, would have something good for almost everyone. But what, specifically, would it offer the...

May 22, 1967 | Robert Hendrickson
As a fisherman, Will Shakespeare may have lacked the lusty fervor of Hemingway and the discernment of Izaak Walton, but he was in many ways a more compleat angler than either.