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December 23, 1968 | Volume 29, Issue 26

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Bill Russell Cover - Sports Illustrated December 23, 1968

December 23, 1968
(dated Jan. 6, 1969):

December 23, 1968 | Tex Maule

December 23, 1968 | Mark Kram
The idea was to get Americans interested in the Italian Riviera. Incidentally, Benvenuti was defending his title

December 23, 1968 | Joe Jares
Two guys had this idea—stage a basketball tournament in San Francisco. They very nearly failed, but Santa Clara came to the rescue by brutalizing highly esteemed Houston and remaining undefeated

December 23, 1968 | Dan Jenkins
The nation's two top teams, Ohio State and Southern California, get a rare opportunity to settle which is the best as an entire season of undefeated play comes down to their face-to-face clash in...

December 23, 1968
Most people think that a football game, even one held on New Year's Day, should be, well, a football game. Oh, go ahead: hold a parade, puff up some balloons, vote for a bowl queen—but then let's...

December 23, 1968

December 23, 1968 | George Plimpton
The year was crammed with excellence. In one two-week period Arthur Ashe won the U.S. Nationals at Brookline, went to Forest Hills and became the first amateur to win a major international open...

December 23, 1968 | Coles Phinizy

December 23, 1968
No single play does more to decide the fate of any hand than the opening lead. No single skill counts more in deciding whether you are a winning player. And the science of leading has progressed a...

December 23, 1968
If Pro Golfers Mason Rudolph (below) and Barbara Romack do not care to talk golf the next time they meet they can chat about unscheduled trips to Cuba. Rudolph was aboard a TWA jet that was...

December 23, 1968 | William Pène du Bois

December 23, 1968 | William Pène du Bois
William Pène du Bois has been a noted writer and illustrator of children's books for 30 years. This story and its drawings will be published as a book by Harper & Row in 1969 under the title...

December 23, 1968 | Jeannette Bruce
So-called "golf tours" for amateurs are, for the most part, little more than come-ons (or, more accurately, come-on-downs) designed by travel agents to lure duffers to one or another resort hotel....

December 23, 1968
BASKETBALL—NBA: BALTIMORE (23-7) won its three games and knocked Boston from first in the East. Ed Manning's four straight jumpers in the fourth quarter were key baskets as the Bullets beat the...

December 23, 1968
13—Neil Leifer14—Tony Tomsic15—Harry Cabluck16—Sheedy & Long18—UPI19—AP20, 21—Sheedy & Long22, 23—Walter Iooss Jr.33—Bill Mohan from Leviton-Atlanta34—Lee Balterman35—Don Uhrbrock40—Walter...

December 23, 1968
Norval Frederick (Jesse) James, 73, a retired Dallas printer, achieved that golfing rarity, a score lower than his age. He shot a six-birdie 72 at the par-71 Stevens Park course. James has been...

December 23, 1968 | Herman Weiskopf

December 23, 1968

December 23, 1968
•Bill Callahan, sports information director at the University of Missouri: "I used to have the worst time remembering names. Then I took that Sam Carnegie course and I've been all right ever since."

December 23, 1968
SERIOUS CINCINNATISirs:I have just finished reading your article (Serious Contenders for a Funny City, Dec. 9) about the Cincinnati Royals and Cincinnati. I am a Cincinnati resident presently...

December 23, 1968 | Bob Ottum
Certainly the best time to read a book about baseball is right now—in the quiet of early winter, with a fire in the fireplace and the ballplayers off managing their restaurants, their organ combos...

December 23, 1968 | Billy Reed
Football was a flop at the Tournament of Roses in 1902, so to save the day they got a livelier sport: Roman chariot racing