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March 17, 1969 | Volume 30, Issue 11

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Ted Williams Cover - Sports Illustrated March 17, 1969

March 17, 1969

March 17, 1969
•Joe Anzivino, promotion director of the Harlem Globetrotters, after seeing LSU's Pete Maravich: "He's so fantastic we'd integrate to get him."

March 17, 1969 | John Underwood

March 17, 1969 | Bob Asbille
Investigating reports of a suspicious spurt of scoring in Des Moines, bowling sleuths discover that some lanes have been fixed by ingenious means, so that your Aunt Minnie can groove 'em like Don...

March 17, 1969 | Joe Jares

March 17, 1969
Alive and kicking up a fuss, the NBA's Atlanta and San Francisco are conceding nothing to Los Angeles. A preview by Alfred Wright of the hot pro playoffs in the West.

March 17, 1969
To have wandered around the neighborhood in a Captain Marvel or Supergirl cape, looking all glinty-eyed and cool—maybe taking little, experimental leaps into the air when nobody was looking. That...

March 17, 1969 | Garry Valk
Coles Phinizy, who sometimes is lighter-than-air and often is heavier-than-water, has been drifting around in those ubiquitous snoopers on the sports scene, the Goodyear blimps (page 68). It is...

March 17, 1969 | Skip Myslenski

March 17, 1969
A little more than a year ago we reported that Y. A. Tittle and his partner, Ray Handley, a former Stanford football star, had filed suit against the lessee of the Hip Hugger, a bar they owned in...

March 17, 1969 | Whitney Tower
That was Manny Ycaza's verdict after he outmaneuvered his chief rival in the Flamingo and thrust his own colt into Derby prominence

March 17, 1969 | Dan Jenkins
Austria won the International Team races, but with Killy gone nobody seemed to care. Now with Bob Beattie bowing out too, what is the future of ski racing in the U.S.?

March 17, 1969 | Hugh D. Whall
But not by shoreside harpies or sharpies. It was the wind that did it

March 17, 1969 | Jack Nicklaus
As your pro has told you a thousand times, golf is a left-handed game. You grip the club with your left hand. The left hand takes the club back, leads it down into the ball and directs it forward...

March 17, 1969 | Ruth Lieder
At first glance one might think that gymnast Jack Overpeck is putting people on when he works out on parallel bars in this showy costume. Not so. The clothes he is wearing are made of knit fabrics...

March 17, 1969 | Charles Goren
Exotic is the word for this hand, and it comes, aptly, from a far-off country, New Zealand. The bridge colony there is numerically small—recently a total of 57 tables was hailed as an excellent...

March 17, 1969 | Coles Phinizy

March 17, 1969
BASKETBALL—NBA: BALTIMORE (51-21) lost three of four, and PHILADELPHIA (50-24) won three of five, so the 76ers moved to within two games of the first-place Bullets. Chet Walker scored a career...

March 17, 1969
19-22—Fred Kaplan-Black Star24, 25—Sheedy & Long29—Sheedy & Long30—Rich Clarkson43—Tony Triolo44—Don Uhrbrock50—top, courtesy 20th Century-Fox52—Jerry Cooke58—UPI60—Hugh Whall87—Buffalo...

March 17, 1969
John Mills, a 6'5" junior at Gray Court-Owings (S.C.) High School, has averaged 34.1 points and 21.8 rebounds per game, hitting on 60% from the floor and 76.3% from the line. His best game was...

March 17, 1969 | Herman Weiskopf

March 17, 1969
UNHOLY ROLLERSSirs:It is certainly a shame when a high-class magazine such as SPORTS ILLUSTRATED lowers itself to devoting space to a nonsport such as Roller Derby (Five Strides on the Banked...

March 17, 1969 | Jeannette Bruce
It is an oddity of marketing when a vehicle is offered to buyers not for its speed but because it goes slow. In the case of two new motorcycles, the makers are urging as a supreme advantage the...

March 17, 1969 | Joe Jares