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September 01, 1969 | Volume 31, Issue 10

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Arnold Palmer Cover - Sports Illustrated September 01, 1969

September 01, 1969 | Jack Tobin
A swinging Mexican with a ring in his shoe, a car on his mind and one of the hardest left hooks anywhere takes the bantamweight championship from Australian aborigine Lionel Rose at Los Angeles

September 01, 1969 | William Leggett

September 01, 1969 | William F. Reed Jr.
America's Nevele Pride was in front on the rail when a French challenger—on the outside all the way—made the four moves that wore down the favorite and won the International Trot

September 01, 1969 | John Underwood

September 01, 1969 | John Underwood
Wearing his wife's wig and sunglasses, Pepper Rodgers of Kansas sang a ballad to his football team in an attempt to bridge the generation gap. Few coaches go that far, but all of them are trying...

September 01, 1969 | Dan Jenkins
Perhaps never again will there be a golfer with the universal appeal of Arnold Palmer. For more than a decade he has been a classic hero: bold, reckless, even foolhardy—traits that have cost him...

September 01, 1969
The Orioles are a happy team, which is to be expected of a club that is 15 games ahead in August. But William Leggett questions whether they are ahead because they are happy.

September 01, 1969 | Kim Chapin

September 01, 1969 | Garry Valk
Arnold Palmer graces our cover this week for a record 12th time, one more than Muhammad Ali and four more than Mickey Mantle. The occasion is not a championship or prospective championship but...

September 01, 1969 | Roy Blount Jr.
Under Van Brocklin, the Falcons have spirit and some black hopes

September 01, 1969 | Herman Weiskopf
So much for Robin Hood, William Tell, Geronimo and those guys. The storied romance of the bow and arrow is one thing, but when all the best archers assembled to shoot it out for the world title...

September 01, 1969 | Bud Collins
Known primarily as a doubles man, California's 22-year-old Smith won the national singles title in Boston last week to make it clear that at the moment there is no better player in the country

September 01, 1969 | Ezra Bowen
A worshiper of sports idols, the author forever abandoned Louis, Musial and DiMaggio in favor of A Hero in a sneak Box

September 01, 1969
BASEBALL—NATIONALIST CHINA became the third Asian team in succession to win the Little League World Series, shutting out Santa Clara, Calif. 5-0 in Williamsport, Pa.

September 01, 1969
4—Richard Meek11, 12—Photography Inc.19—Roosevelt Raceway Photo20—Jim Vincent-The Oregonian, Phillip Leonian24, 27—Phillip Leonian29—James Drake30—Walter Iooss Jr., Shel Hershorn-Black Star,...

September 01, 1969
Jackie Mattingly, who holds every girls' running record in Louisville's grade schools, qualified for a second straight year to race in the U.S. Youth Games in Washington. She ran a 27.5 220 and...

September 01, 1969 | Peter Carry

September 01, 1969 | Peter Carry
Around the bars during spring training, the reporters and expert fans who go to Florida to watch the teams shape up agreed almost unanimously on one thing: Detroit's Denny McLain would be lucky to...

September 01, 1969
TIME TO REMEMBERSirs:Congratulations on your 15th anniversary. I missed only a few issues in that time (because of Vietnam), and I can truthfully say the Aug. 18 issue is one of your best.

September 01, 1969

September 01, 1969
•Jacque MacKinnon, San Diego tight end and physical fitness fan, when asked who was his favorite actress: "Put it this way: if I was to be marooned on a desert island, I would want with me a set...

September 01, 1969 | William Leggett
Berry Wall no longer changes clothes 40 times a day to stroll along Broadway, and there are no Rolls-Royces parked in front of the famous Grand Union Hotel these days. In fact there is no Grand...

September 01, 1969 | Mary Evans
Even Eskimos preferred to wait for summertime to get their musk-ox, but one elegant fox hunter from Boston liked his on ice