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October 27, 1969 | Volume 31, Issue 18

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Lew Alcindor Cover - Sports Illustrated October 27, 1969

October 27, 1969
BASKETBALL—NBA: NEW YORK (4-0) opened the league's 24th season by beating the SuperSonics 126-101, then followed with three more wins, holding its opponents to fewer than 100 points each game. The...

October 27, 1969
5—Roy DeCarava15—Eric Schweikardt; insert, Herb Scharfman16, 17—Herb Scharfman, Tony Triolo (3), Neil Leifer18—Tony Triolo, Sheedy & Long, Walter Iooss Jr., Neil Leifer19—Neil Leifer20—Walter...

October 27, 1969
Harry Brandt, an aeronautics major at San Jose (Calif.) State, won the Top Male Pilot trophy at the National Intercollegiate Flying Association meet in Durant, Okla. with a first in the navigation...

October 27, 1969
Sirs:Congratulations are in order for your issue of Oct. 13. The cover shot of Georgia's Bruce Kemp was sensational—we Bulldog followers have been waiting a long time for this sort of...

October 27, 1969

October 27, 1969
•Pete Weeks, Memphis State placekicker, on why he was so calm after kicking a 36-yard field goal to beat North Texas State with 36 seconds to play: "Actually, I didn't realize it was so crucial...

October 27, 1969 | William Leggett

October 27, 1969
The Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints have perfect records—0 and 5. This doesn't mean they're the worst teams in the NFL (the 49ers are no world-beaters), but the fans are beginning to...

October 27, 1969 | Robert F. Jones
Something is gravely wrong with Chicago. You can't tell it from looking at the town, for Chicago has always come on heavy. City of the big shoulders, as they say. New buildings stud the skyline...

October 27, 1969 | Tex Maule
In sunny, windswept Tulane Stadium last Sunday, 80,636 hyperexcited New Orleanians howled, stomped, booed and occasionally cheered through 2½ hours of what may be the country's best variety show....

October 27, 1969

October 27, 1969

October 27, 1969
The purple people eaters of Minnesota have parlayed a ferocious pass rush and a revitalized Joe Kapp to lead the NFL's Central Division. Tex Maule provides the analysis.

October 27, 1969
Where does the Lively League stand, as it enters its third year of existence? The most succinct summary of its status was provided last June 10 in a preliminary stock prospectus filed with the...

October 27, 1969 | Dan Jenkins

October 27, 1969 | Jerry Kirshenbaum
Nemesis of a succession of Cuban fighters, Emile Griffith had taken titles from two of them and had the chance to tie a record when he went after Jose Napoles' welterweight crown

October 27, 1969 | Jacquin Sanders

October 27, 1969 | Garry Valk
A fellow can chuckle about it now, but SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S earliest efforts to sell magazines were sometimes more fitful than funny. During our infancy, for example, we tried to peddle copies at...

October 27, 1969 | Pat Putnam
You know what zap is, that magic bolt that suddenly makes things go right. The Mets had it, and late last Saturday Penn State did, too, as it rallied from a 14-0 deficit to beat Syracuse

October 27, 1969 | William F. Reed

October 27, 1969 | William F. Reed
THE BACK: Sophomore Ed Marinaro, acting like an Ivy League O.J., tied a conference record by scoring five TDs as Cornell upset Harvard 41-24. His 281 yards rushing was more impressive, beating the...

October 27, 1969
The first Broadway Show League Golf Tournament took place earlier this month in Emerson, N.J., and the winner, with a 79, was CBS technician Jack Mahony. The stars shone only faintly. "I'm...

October 27, 1969 | Hugh D. Whall
Nostalgia for a more primitive, romantic time in ocean powerboat running was widespread even as Don Aronow's superboat, 'The Cigarette' (above), made a swift, triumphant crossing to the Bahamas

October 27, 1969 | Virginia Kraft
From James Bay, Quebec, the ducks and geese are pouring down the flyways in numbers calculated to make this season one of the best

October 27, 1969 | Alfred Wright
Two famous men went to Las Vegas. Palmer's hip was still creaky even in the heat of the desert, but Nicklaus moved his thinner ones to win

October 27, 1969 | Charles Goren
Over the Halloween weekend, at Del Webb's Towne House in Phoenix, two top contract-bridge teams will duel for the right to represent America in the World Championship for the Bermuda Bowl, to be...

October 27, 1969 | Lew Alcindor

October 27, 1969 | Lew Alcindor
Disillusion and championships at UCLA, where Alcindor was shocked by student prejudice, became a near recluse, decided at one point to transfer to Michigan, cost his team the big Houston game and...

October 27, 1969 | Wilfrid Sheed
As every teak-bottomed tellywatcher knows, the picture gets better every year but the sound remains the same. Each major sport seems to have settled forever into its ritual-announcing tone. Golf,...

October 27, 1969 | J. A. Maxtone Graham
A dirge played that dreary day for a naive Lothario and horseplayer