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November 03, 1969 | Volume 31, Issue 19

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated November 03, 1969

November 03, 1969 | Tex Maule
The Vikings, with Joe Kapp on the beam and the four Norsemen lowering the boom on opposing quarterbacks, are not only leading the NFL's Central Division but may be building a dynasty. Color it purple.

November 03, 1969 | Frank Deford

November 03, 1969 | Pat Putnam
When Coach Lloyd Eaton of Wyoming's unbeaten football team suspended his 14 black players after a bitter dispute he started a controversy that has aroused passions throughout the state

November 03, 1969
As every fan knows, hockey is speed, sticks, hitting, noise, congested arenas. At first glance the paintings by Richard Estes on this and the following pages offer an altogether different concept....

November 03, 1969
The Heisman Trophy should go to the best college football player, but the ballyhoo attending it makes it more of a Hollywood Oscar. Dan Jenkins inspects the hopefuls.

November 03, 1969 | Lew Alcindor

November 03, 1969 | Lew Alcindor
Alcindor's stormy senior year, in which he becomes a Muslim, boycotts the Olympics, leads UCLA to another title and joins the pros.

November 03, 1969 | Garry Valk
The Hudson River flows from the Adirondacks to the Atlantic, sliding through the hardwoods and soft valleys of upper New York State, moving by such historic sites as West Point and Sleepy Hollow,...

November 03, 1969 | Roy Blount Jr.
If Colorado and Kansas State knew it, they didn't care as they squashed two Big Eight giants, threw the conference race into chaos and made the winner anyone's guess

November 03, 1969 | Sandy Treadwell

November 03, 1969 | Sandy Treadwell
THE BACK: Kansas State Quarterback Lynn Dickey set eight passing marks as the Wildcats upset Oklahoma 59-21. Dickey threw for a conference high of 380 yards, and his 28 completions broke his...

November 03, 1969
It has been said that deeds, not words, shall thunder, but in the case of Emil Zatopek the apothegm may not apply. Zatopek became famous when he won three gold medals in the 1952 Olympics (in the...

November 03, 1969 | Clive Gammon
A Scottish fisherman theorizes that young Atlantic salmon feed on their poor dead mums and dads

November 03, 1969 | Gary Ronberg
But last week the only Hull on the ice for troubled Chicago was Dennis, as Bobby shopped for beef

November 03, 1969 | Dick Russell
Led by an Irish import named Country Support in a kind of canine Kansas Relays, greyhounds had the rabbits running wild as the dogs scooted over a coursing park at Abilene for the U.S. Challenge Cup

November 03, 1969 | Whitney Tower
The U.S. should even the score against foreign representatives in the International, thanks to a big bay who has only lived here a year

November 03, 1969 | Charles Goren
The death of Helen Sobel Smith leaves no clear-cut heiress to the title of best American woman player. Edith Kemp, Margaret Wagar and a few others who were more or less Helen's contemporaries...

November 03, 1969 | Robert H. Boyle

November 03, 1969
Gareth Hayes, an engineering major at North Carolina State, set cross-country course records in each of his team's first four meets. He ran five miles in 25:47 at Wake Forest, 27:16 at Virginia,...

November 03, 1969
4—Arthur Glowka22-25—Tony Triolo26, 27—Arthur Shay34, 35—AP, James Drake, Rich Clarkson37—AP38—UPI46—Rich Clarkson52—Popperfoto-Pictorial, Sam Siegel-Metropolitan Photo Service60—Walter...

November 03, 1969
BASKETBALL—NBA: NEW YORK (7-1) breezed past PHOENIX (2-4) for its fifth straight win 140-116, causing Sun Coach Johnny Kerr to observe, "They play championship-caliber basketball." But with such...

November 03, 1969
TIME WELL SPENTSirs:To those who feel that God is dead, may I submit for their consideration that He is truly alive and well? He merely took a leave of absence and has been spending His time in...

November 03, 1969

November 03, 1969
•Alexei Kisilev, Soviet boxing coach, asked what he knew about Las Vegas before arriving there for a match against a team of American amateurs: "I know it is a city in Nevada, is a city in the...