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August 24, 1970 | Volume 33, Issue 8

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Rick Barry Cover - Sports Illustrated August 24, 1970

August 24, 1970 | Dan Jenkins
<i>Arnold Palmer made another run at the PGA title last week, but Dave Stockton's cool head and sure putting carried the day in a tournament that regained some of its class at Southern Hills</i>

August 24, 1970 | Peter Carry
The former NBA star Rick Barry, now under contract to the ABA Virginia Squires, is avid to jump back to San Francisco

August 24, 1970 | William Leggett
<i>Locked in battle for the American League batting title, Carl Yastrzemski and Tony Oliva put on a stunning display in Boston that all but overshadowed the surprising nose dive by the...

August 24, 1970 | William F. Reed
His ears plugged and muffled, the Futurity favorite, Marlu Pride, did not hear the moans of his backers when his bit broke and he went off stride at Yonkers

August 24, 1970 | Roy Blount Jr.
<b>As a coach who doubled as a mother, Mary Job made her four kids do laps and laps and laps and sleep and sleep and sleep until each one of them became a champion</b>

August 24, 1970 | Kim Chapin
Of all the words associated with auto racing, probably none roll off the tongue more richly than these two: Grand Prix. They suggest heroic cars (Bugatti, Mercedes, Ferrari) and epic drivers...

August 24, 1970
There is a lot of talk around the University of Kentucky about building a new 28,000-seat basketball arena, and what nobler sentiment than to name it after Adolph Rupp? Still, when someone...

August 24, 1970 | Robert F. Jones
The Hawaiian Islanders are a touch of Old Shoe and Old Mainland. The best buy in Honolulu, these minor leagues draw with the bigs

August 24, 1970 | Harold Peterson

August 24, 1970 | J.A. Maxtone Graham
For centuries the British have been secure in the knowledge that foreigners were at an instant disadvantage in any business transactions with them. Sheltered behind a system of weights, measures...

August 24, 1970 | Whitney Tower
<b>With the slump on Wall Street, some speculators are gambling in thoroughbred bloodstock, figuring that racehorses can be profitable</b>

August 24, 1970
Choke artists or victims of fickle fate, Dallas has blown four NFL playoff games. Analyst Tex Maule puts the Cowboys on the couch as they meet their nemesis, Green Bay.

August 24, 1970 | Jack Olsen
<i>That's where the man said the fish were. Well, if not there, try way upstream. Or the Deer Lakes or the hatchery. Or Waterdog Lake. Will our dauntless angler ever unravel the secret of the...

August 24, 1970 | J. Richard Munro
The assertion that ours is a mobile society is one that is not borne out by this week's cover subject, Rick Barry—nor by a small but persistent minority of athletes who, when it comes to moving,...

August 24, 1970
BOATING—New York's BILL WISHNICK, 45, bounced his 32-foot Boss O'Nova at an average 62.2 mph over the 187.8-mile ocean course off Long Beach, Calif., winning the Hennessy Cup, his fourth victory...

August 24, 1970
16, 17—Fred Kaplan-Black Star22—Herb Scharfman23—H. Lane Stewart24-26—Lee Balterman27—Sheedy & Long40—Sheedy & Long48—Stephen Green-Armytage60—Greg Andruskevich, Stephany Photography, Jim...

August 24, 1970
Mel Briggs, of Nashua, N.H., won the high jump, the 220-yard dash and 180 low hurdles to lead his Nashua High School team to its seventh consecutive state track championship, earning the Athlete...

August 24, 1970
BELL, BOOK AND BOO-BOOSirs:The article by William Reed (He Whistles While He Works, Aug. 10) about Tommy Bell, the NFL football referee and his crew of Graf, Kelleher, Jorgensen, Toler and Harder...

August 24, 1970 | Edited by Robert Creamer

August 24, 1970 | Edited by Robert Creamer
•Bill Cassidy, University of Dayton assistant basketball coach, after recruiting the school's second set of identical twins in three years: "It's easier to recruit twins—you only have to visit one...