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September 07, 1970 | Volume 33, Issue 10

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Bud Harrelson Cover - Sports Illustrated September 07, 1970

September 07, 1970 | Edited by Robert Creamer
VICTIMSThere were a couple of badly confused men in sport last week. Denny McLain, who last spring was suspended for all of three months for investing in a book-making business, got hit with an...

September 07, 1970 | Edited by Robert Creamer
•Charley Coffey, University of Arkansas assistant football coach, appraising the Razorbacks' important opening game with Stanford: "I personally have taken the approach that if you can't win that...

September 07, 1970 | Carleton Mitchell
<i>It was a rousing America's Cup circus at Newport as France's white-gloved Baron Bich went down with his ship, "Gretel II" became challenger and "Intrepid" sailed "Valiant" over the brink</i>

September 07, 1970 | Tex Maule
The Dolphins, who were flatter than flounders for four years, have in Don Shula a coach who knows how to talk to them. The result: four straight exhibition victories, including last week's win...

September 07, 1970 | Joe Jares
Sparked by a sports fanatic and sponsored by a Los Angeles baker, the Helms Hall achieved world renown, but it soon may be only history too, for it can find no new backers and eviction day is coming

September 07, 1970 | Joe Jares
•Jesse Owens' shoe, worn on May 25, 1935 at Ann Arbor, Mich. when he broke three world records—the 220-yard dash, the 220-yard low hurdles and the long jump—and tied another, the 100-yard dash.

September 07, 1970 | Alfred Wright
<b>Bud Harrelson does not exactly have blacksmith's arms, and he wears down to a twig in the dog days of summer. But he is holding New York together—almost—as it battles for its very life</b>

September 07, 1970 | Pat Ryan
...and to the training table. Stuffing themselves with 9,000 calories a day, the weight lifters shown on the following pages outgrew and outlifted mere heavyweights. Hence, the creation in 1969 of...

September 07, 1970
College Football begins a new decade, and Dan Jenkins discusses speculation that campus disturbances may spill over onto the gridiron. There follows a color portfolio of a vintage year's top...

September 07, 1970 | Alfred Wright
<b>This is the predicament of homiletic George Allen of the L.A. Rams. He's got the second-best record of any NFL coach, but even a Super Bowl victory might not save his job</b>

September 07, 1970 | J. Richard Munro
Being in the business of sport, we keep more than a casual eye on sport business in these days of inflession, and we are finding as many contradictory trends as the experts do in other economic...

September 07, 1970
...An ANIMAL!" And, "a man's man, a woman's hero, a young boy's idol and a little girl's dream," according to an eight-page brochure about Baltimore Colt Mike Curtis released by Mike Curtis...

September 07, 1970 | Larry Keith
Organist Gary Abbott, hidden away in his County Stadium cranny, knocked out Harper Valley P.T.A., and Tommy Harper strode determinedly to the plate and took his stance—well back, snugly crouched...

September 07, 1970 | Peter Carry

September 07, 1970 | Gwilym S. Brown
Once a premier event, the Davis Cup is now in a lower class by itself. The Challenge Round was last week, only, as usual, it was no challenge

September 07, 1970 | Mark Mulvoy
Money talks, or so the Dow Jones corporation hoped. Looking for a way to make itself better known, the company sponsored the world's richest golf tournament—and dropped half a million dollars in...

September 07, 1970 | Dan Levin
As Horacio Iglesias (above) will testify, marathon swimming just doesn't pay, but it's steady work

September 07, 1970 | Edwin Shrake
H. L. Hunt, a likely winner in the race for world's richest man, was never much for fun and games, but two of his boys, Lamar (below) and Bunker, back their leisure-time interests with gushers of...

September 07, 1970
BALLOONING—After a lapse of four years the National Hot Air Balloon races got off the ground at the Iowa State Fair. FRANK PRITCHARD of Flint, Mich. was the overall winner, scoring 5,340 out of a...

September 07, 1970
16, 17—John D. Hanlon22—Herb Scharfman34—Sheedy & Long42—Paul Segal, Joe DiRosa44—Heinz Kluetmeier50, 53—Tony Tomsic55—Tony Triolo, diagram by Chart Makers, Inc56—John D. Hanlon60—UPI61—Shel...

September 07, 1970
Scott Hadley, 15, of Sacramento, became the first to swim 19-mile-long Clear Lake, largest body of fresh water within California. He took 12 hours and raised some $400 for a charity. Hadley hopes...

September 07, 1970
RICK BARRY VS. VIRGINIASirs:Peter Carry's article on Rick Barry (Yes, Rick, There Is a Virginia, Aug. 24) is very good. I used to like Barry, but when he jumped to the ABA I didn't think much of...