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March 15, 1971 | Volume 34, Issue 11

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Muhammad Ali Cover - Sports Illustrated March 15, 1971

March 15, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane

March 15, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Jack Concannon, on the reaction he expects from the Chicago Bears' front office to his Fu Manchu mustache, long sideburns and collar-length hair: "They want us to play like Joe Namath but we...

March 15, 1971
Moving remorselessly forward, Joe Frazier, that gritty stump of a man, won a unanimous decision at Madison Square Garden on Monday night to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world....

March 15, 1971 | Whitney Tower
He had not raced since January, but when Executioner was sent to the post in the Flamingo Stakes he was sharp enough to win it big

March 15, 1971 | Hugh D. Whall
A slippery green sloop called 'Running Tide' defeated the finest fleet in ocean racing history in a suspenseful series

March 15, 1971 | John Underwood
<b><i>Washington now has Senators named McLain, Flood, Williams and Short lobbying to bridge the yawning gap that almost drove the team away</i></b>

March 15, 1971 | Jack Olsen
<b>Especially a little 1080 or cyanide. And although the coyote is a main target of the Government's poisoning programs, when the body count is made a lot of victims turn out to be...

March 15, 1971 | Jack Olsen
If mass poisoning was stopped, would predators take over? An appraisal of how sheep and coyotes can both live on this land.

March 15, 1971 | J. Richard Munro
It has become a matter of editorial dogma around here that if there had never been a Hudson River, Bob Boyle would have had to invent one. His accounts of life and conflict along that river have...

March 15, 1971
What important thing did Queen Isabella do for winter sports in 1492? Answer: she threw the last Moorish king out of Granada so people like Artist Marc Simont could ski there and happily decorate...

March 15, 1971 | Walter Bingham
<b>Jack Tuthill, the PGA's tournament director, is a cool-headed ex-FBI agent who week after week acts as a combination law enforcer, psychiatrist and comforting friend to golf's big names</b>

March 15, 1971
The staid old Firearms Lobby of America is an outfit that is 1) against gun-control legislation and 2) takes itself too seriously. Sure enough, the lobby is outraged by a challenge issued by the...

March 15, 1971 | Larry Keith
Consciousness is strictly ESP at New Orleans, where the Greenes can clearly see victory in advance

March 15, 1971 | Joe Jares

March 15, 1971 | Anita Verschoth
Everybody agrees that Sylvain Saudan is a nice guy. He is 5'7", 158 pounds, quiet-spoken and definitely Continentally charming. In European ski areas, where he is well known, they say Saudan is...

March 15, 1971 | Charles Goren
Precision is only one of several systems using a forcing one club, but its inventor will bet that his version—and his team—are best

March 15, 1971 | Charles Goren

March 15, 1971 | Charles Goren

March 15, 1971 | Lawrence A. Armour
The rosters tend to be, uh, flexible, the pay scale microscopic and the arenas prehistoric, but the players show lots of desire in the Eastern Basketball Association. Maybe because it'd be so nice...

March 15, 1971 | Robert H. Boyle
<b><i>That is the warning, in Latin, that is posted over Robert Abady's kennel. It refers to the fierce bouviers des Flandres guard dogs he raises, but the motto might well be Abady's...

March 15, 1971
BASKETBALL—NBA: Milwaukee, the fastest gun in the West, shot down five more opponents on the way to a new NBA record for consecutive victories—19. The Bucks maimed Boston 111-99, Philadelphia...

March 15, 1971
4—Robert Huebermann16—Tony Triolo22—Bill Kuenzel-Miami Herald24, 25—Richard Meek26-33—Fred Kaplan-Black Star52—AP53-55—Curt Gunther56—AP, David Gahr-TIME, UPI58—Shel Hershorn-Black Star62—Del...

March 15, 1971
Paul Kubinski, a 5'11" guard on the Parkland High basketball team in El Paso, scored 72 points to dominate a 102-34 victory over Fabens High. Paul made 24 of 25 free throws. He scored in double...

March 15, 1971
ARMCHAIR EXERCISESirs:President Nixon's comments on physical fitness and the spiritual benefits of "exercising" vicariously while seated in front of the TV set (SCORECARD, March 1) make one wonder...

March 15, 1971 | Alice Higgins
The unhorsy tend to think that there are only two basic riding styles in this country: Eastern, like you see in the park; Western, like you see on TV. Actually, Eastern riding itself is divided...

March 15, 1971 | David Lampe
<b>Claude Grahame-White failed to win the £10,000 prize offered by Lord Northcliffe, but the race he lost to a Frenchman taught the world a whole lot about "aeroplane aviation"</b>